Anything to improve my refelxes for batting in cricket?

In small garden on my on, any drills


Why are'nt England playin my favourite batsmans Andrew Strauss?

You mean to improve your footwork?I am happy to give you some tips..
Cricket is mainly about scoring runs. Runs are scored by batsmen. Batting requires coordiantion between eyes, hand, legs and the rest of the body. This How-To manual will hopefully help you to improve that coordination, especially the eye, hand and leg combination.

2. Stand erect with hands on hips
3. Jump, spread legs wide apart landing with the feet apart.
4. Jump again and return to start position, i.e body erect and feet together.
5. Jump again with right leg forward and left leg backward landing with one foot in front and the other behind, as though you took a step forward.
6. Jump and return to the erect standing position.
7. Repeat 2-5 ensuring at Step 4 you alternate left and right legs movements.


* Increase speed as you get fitter and are more comfortable with the exercises.
* To help get your feet moving at the crease, when the bowler is at the height of his action, take a small step forward (at a right angle to the line of the ball) with your back foot - all the exercise in the world won't help if you remain standing still - This should act as a trigger movement; from which, dependant on your personal style and preference, you are given good base to press forward to the bowler or step back into your crease
* Watch the ball from the hand of the bowler and get your feet into position as quickly as you can.
* Spend time thinking about how you should ideally be moving your feet to play certain shots. Don't premeditate your shots at the crease just know that to play a beefy cut shot you will need to 1. move your front foot a half step towards off. 2. Take a larger step in the same direction with your back foot and 3. Lean back slightly and commence clouting the ball. For a full pitched leg glance: 1. take a small step accross with your back foot 2. take another step down the line of the ball with your front foot and whip the ball off of your pads.


* Do not jump too high. Height is just enough to move the feet off the ground.

Hope that helps...

Do I need international dish to see the world cup in Direct TV?

try hitting a tennis ball against a brick wall. the cracks make it occasionally change angles so you have to adapt fast

Did australia win the cricket world cup 2007 fairly against sri lanka?

use a suash ball
like Gilchrist did
you would be glorified

Do you think India will beat Sri Lanka?

put a ball in your sock and tie it with a rope and hang it on your garden. and start hitting it with your bat htis will increase the stroke of your bat and reflexes

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Take a rubber ball... Wet it.. ask a friend to throw it at you. play on a cement area, so that the ball zips through.ask ur friend to vary the length and to bowl a few bouncers.. it will be really helpful...

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