All know that Australia will win.against Scotland. Is it not waste of time and energy for Australia?

ICC must reconsider and make tournaments according to the rating basis. In other words top teams should play with top teams and rated bottom teams should play with bottom teams.


How can we watch live cricket in the internet without paying a single rupee?

It is also true that Australia will beat most of the other teams. Does it mean that the games involving Australia are a waste of time?

Who else is amused at the pathetic display by fanatical SL and anti Aussie supporters in this forum?

Yeah!!! No doubt!

How did Holland like the six sixes in the cricket?

Completely disagree.

The only way a world competition will improve is by giving smaller teams a chance to compete against the big guys.

This has become very clear in the football world cup where the smaller countries are definitely holding their own more than they did 20 years ago.

Will Scotland ever beat Australia, very unlikely, but they deserve their chance, just like England, West Indies and the others. 20 years from now you may find the emerging nations may start to become a power house and give the bigger guys a run for their money.

Who has scored the most runs in cricket world cup?

EVERY NATION needs to be encouraged.
Just ask the Cricketer from Scotland , what he feels about this.
One day , you may see Scotland defeating

In the shedule of tensports there is no srilanka vs pak odi series in abudhabi?

Most importantly, u basically need to weed out all the weak teams so that the strong teams can get to the super 8. it's just an easy way of taking them out.

How many stumps has been broken in cricket do any 1 know?

It is not that way man, Australia is not a team which booms up suddenly, may be in the starting stage of cricket they entered the field and hence they might not have struggled much. Chances to be given to smaller teams too against big ones. Of course, they should be given a little bit more chance to compete with some what equivalent power.

Remember - who knows, the cricket minnows, Bangladesh defeated Australia once and in the warm up match against Newzealand they excelled.

What should be done with the Indian team if they fail to qualify to Super 8 in ICC Cricket World Cup?

Hope less.
every body must have a chance to participate in world cups
do you ever say
Bangladesh wins against Newzealand, WestIndies, Australia and Pakistan

CWC 2007 SUPER 8 matches ,teams and venues?

Don't under esteemate any team lik that. Who knows they may WIN. Dont you know that Australia was defeated by Bangaladesh once. In the WC 2003 where nobody expected Kenya in semi finals. Thing can change dramatically in cricket.
Secondly it is not a waste of time for Australia coz even they learn some thing from them.
Anyway let us pray to God that India win this WC. If not India let it be ENG or NZ or SA.

Who was highest run taker in cricketworldcup1975?

Minor cricket teams need to play some top team in the table
so they can climb the cricket ladder fairly if they had a table of low rate team one will get a free ride
It a good chance to rest a great player and put in a newer one
Sri Lanka were a minor when I was a girl and now they are a fighting chance.

Don't u think sachin is a useless member of the team just playing in cost of past performances?

dnt underestimate any team it will b practice match 4 australia

Who has the maximum no. of 50's in odi?

I think so !!

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