About cricket best of three finals! if one team won first 2 matches, the third final will be played or not?


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The third final is only played if it is required. If it is 1-1 or 1-0 (can be 1-0 if one match is washed out), then they play. If it is 2-0 after 2, then it is all over!

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depends on how its been planned.. in the original kerry packer series, if one team won the first two, the third was not played.. but nowadays because of public demand sometimes the 3rd is still played no matter what

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no,the third match will not be played.if you notice the schedule,it will be written near the third final that[IF NECESSARY]

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it will be played

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It will not be played

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not sure, in the past sate teams have put on 20/20 matches n stuff for fun but i dunno if they would risk injury and stuff at a international level, specially wit the world cup round the corner

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If a team wins first and second final, they will be declared as winners and 3rd final will not be played.

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