Any Cricket Fans?

Does anyone know when was the last time England beat Australia three games in a row in one day cricket?


How come some right handed men bat left handed in cricket?

No hun...they didnt beat aussies three times in a row against Aus in ODI as they did in this season but ofcoz they have the done the same suprise of beating'em 2-0 in finals.

ODI # 433
Benson & Hedges World Series Cup, 1986/87, 2nd Final
Australia v England
Sydney Cricket Ground (day/night)
11 February 1987 (50-overs match)

Result: England won by 8 runs
England wins the best-of-3-finals 2-0


P.S. Its dissapointing for me to see english media which didnt do much to hail this outstanding effort of Eng. becoz this is something better then winning the ashes. You can expect someone to beat australia in test matches but winning a ODI title in their home soil was something very special and only a team in the world to do this after 14 years is england.

Even in BBC news, its not in their main headlines but only next to the rugby match. Now i can understand why England team has lost the momentum going in cricket.

Who holds the record for winning the most Man of the Match awards in Test cricket for India?


Which is more charming face oval or square-cut face.?

No one understands cricket.

Whats is similar between Chaminda vaas and irfan Pathan?

Sorry, I hate cricket. I call it 'grasshopper' just for fun. I was forced to play it at school and it was SO boring.

Who was the best Captain indian Team had?

1996 like the confused fella at the top says

also the first time they have been beaten in succesive games since 5 years ago when pakistan did it.

Is it neccesary to put the role of coach in boundries as our BCCI doing in case of indian cricket? is it fair?

Ya.. 1 time, but I was underground...

India - Get ready to go home. Bangladesh in Super 8s... India's hope trashed?

baseball is much much better... anyways.... im no cricket fan.. and im s0rry i cann0t answer.. c0z i dunt hav much n0lej on crick..

P.S the guy who calls it grasshopper is sure creative! lolz :P

Why doesn't Kapil Dev coach Indian Cricket Team?

i think in...\

1996 they did so

Was it a deliberate decision to take out the blackness out of the world cup in the west indies?

Me good at playing and watching...but bad at history..

Who has bowled fastest ball in ODI's so far?

Don't know but it was great to watch the highlights on sky. Reminds me of when Allan Lamb was playing. In one match down under, I stayed up to watch it live, we wanted 18 off the last over and Lambie got them with 1 ball to spare. Happy days !

Whom did India beat in the opening match of the 1983 World Cup?

as for some of the baseball comments earlier..

Why dont u baseball fans put ur oven mits on and catch that 5 ounce ball.?. and when someone catches the ball bare handed by accident .. put him into the "hall of fame" and then chew some tobacco and watch some fat guys huff and puff around the bases (Ortiz).

Where can i c live cricket world cup 2007 on web?

yes and i think that was in 1991

Check this out.?

Um...isnt cricket a bug! ewwwww!!

Can someone advise what is the broadcasting frquency of West Indies/Karibean Television.?

Yeah 1996 girl.

What character to come back like they did on this tour.

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