5 wicket haul? impressive huh? well done boykie


When a team scores 111 runs batting in any innings in cricket,considered unlucky?

10 overs, 18 runs and 5 wickets. What better a bowler can dream for? Fantastic bowling performance by Andrew Hall.

Would you be suprised?

Exceptional! His 5/18 of 10 has brought back South Africa in the race to win the cup. A dream performance by a fast bowler in modern one day cricket.

Is uthappa more talented than ambati rayudu who didn't selected by our great national selectors for WC-2007?

it was pretty impressive for the medium pace bowler but i think it was a one-off if he can do it again he is a good bowler

Can Sachin still play cricket or he is older now and he has to retire? Explain...?

The best Statics from Adrew Hall.

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