Are Silva , Dilshan, Mahela future heros & World Cup Umpiring destroyed their future?

Question:Silva , Dilshan& Mahela were given
poor decisions in semis & finals..
Do they prove in Abudhabi that those poor umpiring
caused real damage to Sri Lankan aim to grab the world cup?

if ICC didn't play fool...Are these players "Huge- heros "by now?

Did they take depleted ( without stars)Sri Lanka to encouraging series against vindictive Pakistan...?

who are the culprits of those errors in cricket -2007?


Who was the captain of the pakistan cricket team in 1983?

Umpiring can not destroy the player's future and this is for sure...A talented player always shows him up in one or other way and no one can stop him..secondly umpires are mostly neutral ..its natural for human to make mistakes and Umpires are i think one should forgive those one or two mistakes..and if you are talking of Simon taufel and Steve Bucknor type umpires( semis and final)..the whole cricket world recognizes them as the best! and so are they ..there is no doubt in it !...the worst Umpiring that i had seen was by J. Parkash(sp) against Pakistan in a test in India and becuase of that Kumble is holding a record of having 10 wickets in one if Pakistan did not play well afterward..should we accuse J.Parkash for that?? ofcourse not..The teams fail for their own weekness and mistakes and not in the context of some hard lucks or wrong decisions on the previous matches !those semis and finals are gone and now they should look forward for future( and i think they are doing)...its not a small achievement that srilankan have played the final...please don't be unthankful !And embrace this honour it with open heart !! its not been ages since World cup final has been played , don't be so quick to drive the outcomes..your players would shine and no umpire can stop them from it ! Be Sure !

Does the cricket ball have to bounce to hit a wicket and get a batsman out?

i don't think so

australia are the real champions

3 world cups in a row

29 world cup matches winners in a row

sri lanka is the best asian team not world best team



Why is Indian media calling defeat to Bangladesh an "Upset"?

yess poor umpiring did Sri Lankan Victory and
these players have been the heros since world cup started.

Abudabi tour can be taken as the re grouping for 2011 world cup

ICC is REALLY responsible for all the tom foolery
they just dont show any progress in Developing cricket ,
instead they do otherwise.

Can anyone tell me song played in NDTV cricket ad ?

Eventhough Umpiring was poor, But Australians are really awsome.
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Who get the Man of the Series trophy in worldcup 2007?

most controversial & worthless world cup ever
curroption, sabotage, bias umpiring,comedy of errors
did cricket real HARM
Australia broke rules & won by unfaily

Thanks 4 answering the ques which i had asked few days back about sonu nigam?

While Silva,Mahela and Disshan are very good players, they lack the consistency. Even the Sri Lankan Team also lack consistency as the result of the series against Pakistan in Abuu Dhabi has shown.

Who will fix the world?

how can LOSING YES THATS RIGHT LOSING the abudhahi series 2-1 prove that sri lanka should have won the world cup.
are you smoking crack,
why dont you just admit your team is not as good as you think
they are

When is the cricket world cup starting?

now its over dont talk about it

Which player has taken the most catches in world cup 2007?

yes bad example from ICC & OZ.
everything is possible after 2007 world cup.
everything is corrupted .everywhere is corruption

but isee without Muralivass and sangakkara
sri Lankan players fared very well in desert condition,which perfectly suits for pakistan players.

both teams fought really well .
but the competition?
may be it wasnt there,as much as we liked.
but both are Asians ...dont throw stones each other.
that helps ICC to help white teams**##
yes mahela & Co. could have been biggest heros by now
had it been a fair play by Australia,
but instead Australia & ICC did ***Foul Play

so everybody knows by now who are the culprits?..
Ta Daaa

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