Absence of pacy indian bowlers??

why dont we have a bowler in indian team who cant bowl over 150 km/hr? what's the reason? other teams do have extreme pace bowlers like lee,bond,akthar,malinga,flinto... etc.but our bowlers hardly reach 140 km/hr..infact the fastest bowl ever bowled by an indian was 147km/hr.why this??


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there cn many reason behind dis
like FITNESS,indian players do not keep their body fit,like ashish nehra(he plays 1 match and get injured)
2nd can b dat our SELECTORS. surely there are fast bolwers in our domestic cricket bt they are not supported by our selectors,,, some are neglected b'coz they are not eligible(they hav not played ranji matches)
another reason can b PITCHES in india which totaly supports batsmans,due to which bolwers can not perform wel and loose their chances 4 future

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cuz we are very slow...

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You need supporting turf for them to reach that level. We don't have many.

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there are a lot of bowlers but they dont come in the limelight. it happend because they dont have politicians backing them.
check the link below for some bowlers who can only hope to play for the team even though they are very fast

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Of course We have to concentrate to produce speedy and fearsome bowlers...We need foreign bowling coach for pace bowling. I accept your list..except Malinga and Akthar..both are not bowlers and they are speedy mango ball thrower.horrible both are shame for pace bowling art.

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pitches r not good

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cuz we are very slow...

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