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Where can I learn boxing in Chennai, India?

i told you im sorry and it will never happen again and i didnt use multiple accounts until about 50 best range. im going through alot in my life and i cant be on here getting best answers very much i admit it ive never lied in my life so there the truth now if you want to ruin the thing that gives me so much happiness and self worth then do it but idk why you care so much im not doin it anymore. SANTANA meant more to me than you ever will he was a true legend and hero he not only was a good answerer but a good person and he wouldnt want you to be ridiculing me like you are. im sorry for what i did i wouldnt do it again and how could you say im as bad as keith he called santana a coward on his death bed while at the same time i was coforting my freind and feeling so heartwrench how dare you i think maybe your as bad as keith for saying that. i apoligize and i hope this doesnt affect my yahoo boxing career but i have alot of young guys counting on me to be a role model and lying is not one so i did the honorable thing and admitted the truth there happy now SMITTY.

What is the name of the theme music from the Boxing show Contender, on ESPN?


Is there a women's UFC??

And that is why Smitty is most likely going to always be the top dog at boxing/basketball, Smitty will instinctively go for the throat, you probably swat flies with a ballpene hammer. You crack me up, this is the first question in thousands that you have asked that you used lower case letters, you must be pissed that a few pretenders are scamming.

I keep telling you guys, it's about boxing trivia, the Q & A's and the quality of the information, not the quantity or the stupid numbers, but nobody ever listens to the blogbaba.

Honor and integrity are basic parts of a blogbaba's personality, and Smitty, I do believe you are beginning to aspire to babahood.

Quality, my brother, not quantity, which, considering that HAREM you have collected over the years that you run with, will probabily start another week long argument between us that I will lose. I must admit, I am a bit jealous though, 24 years of marriage to the same woman would be a jail sentence to most of you guys, bu then you are "not-the-baba". The blogbaba deals with each day as the blessing it is. Got to go to work, the real world calls and the bills got to get paid.

We all respect Santana, even Keith in his own way is better for knowing him. Handle the situation the same way Santana did, with class and dignity. He improved everyone he corresponded with, and you can't do that by chasing people off cause they are foolish.

Shannon Briggs vs Sam Peter?

You know Paulie asked the same question about people who are making multiple avatar profiles and asking themselves questions to be answered by themselves. Do people like being a dominance in Yahoo Boxing Q&A's? I do not know but I came on here because I love the sport of boxing and is a boxer. People who like to play games and make themselves the top dog of answering questions,and making multiple profiles to due that are not real... If people read this and think it applies to them then the shoe must fit.... Bottom Line be real!

I Agree

How can someone get into boxing?

Wow, you know you have no life when...

How much you betting on the De La Hoya fight and who's it on.?

I just don't quite understand the logic of some people. This is a forum where we should all come together and discuss our favorite sport. This is not some contest where we are going for a grand prize of some sort. I don't care about being in the top anything, i just want to share my knowledge of the sport with you guys while i learn from you at the same time. Maybe it's just the insecurity of some people to be the top dog at everything they do, or ego, or something else, i don't know. Maybe that's why they use the multiple avatars, but can a person really feel good from cheating at something? If you can't be the best just through good, honest hard work and fairness, are you really the best anyway? Not in God's eyes, believe me! But in all fairness to Cherokee, he did come on here and admit what he was doing was wrong. He apologized for his actions, and hopefully he's learned that a cheater never wins at anything. It takes a big person to admit when they're wrong, and a bigger one to admit that they've cheated and been dishonest. I do believe he was dishonoring Santana and everything that Santana stood for. But the man apologized and admitted his faults, so let's cut him some slack. He said he was sorry, and that's all he can do. If we want God to forgive us when we mess up, then we have to be willing to forgive people too, we can't have it both ways. Just some food for thought.

Danny "Little Red" Lopez vs Eder Jofre. Who wins?

I come here to discuss the sport I love, Boxing. Best answer to me is irrelevant and unimportant. There are more important things in life. Santana himself said so. Peace.

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