Any thoughts on Tito Trinidads prediction on the Floyd vs. Oscar megafight?

Question:Im a fight fan and tend to agree with tito.any thoughts?
Trinidad keeps it pretty real:

Tito is the man!! :) :)


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The blogbaba has been saying all along that Mayweather's speed is going to give DeLa Hoya problems on May 5th, and Tito's simply wrong, it will be anything but an easy fight for DeLa Hoya. The size advantage if it translates into a power edge will be in DeLa Hoya's favor but I don't think it will be enough to win a decision over Floyd, Oscar will have to KO Floyd to win. The fight reminds me of Chavez/Whitaker in many respects, and is shaping up like an instant classic. It's going to be an event May 5th, I can't wait.

Blogbaba has said all along Mayweather by decision, and I'm sticking with my prediction.

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No way. Tito has never fought anyone as quick as Mayweather. The closest would have been DLH, and he got whooped (though the scorecards disagree). I think Mayweather is rightfully favored in this and Titos guess is no more valid than any other person in the fight game that expresses their opinion.

BTW, credit to DLH for taking on such a big challenge in the twilight of his career.

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Bonavena said pretty much the same thing about Ali in 1971 and look what happened. I like what Trinidad said about Oscar and I hope he is right. I would like to see DeLaHoya win.

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hell yeah!! From Cupey Alto, Puerto Rico "EL GRAN CAMPEON PUERTORRIQUEÑO" is the MAN. Im going with the champ, Oscar is going to be to strong for JR.

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Well well well. Trinidad hit the button with his prediction. 1. He is right about Oscar's natural weight, because Oscar started out at 130 bigger than most of opponents he fought starting out.
2. He has fought a lot more experienced and former champions than Mayweather.
But I think Mayweather will give him trouble with him being quick and moving around the ring. So bottom line If Oscar does win it would have to be by KO or he loses his belt.

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Ok let's see who's the boxer? Tito who isn't yall aren't nuff said!

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Tito can't predict *, Oscar might be naturally bigger but Oscar has had trouble against faster boxers(i.e. Mosley) and plus when Tito says Oscar trains with discipline and determination, no one has greater determination or discipline than Floyd Mayweather Jr. when it comes to training, Floyd has been known to get up at 3 in the morning call his trainer and run 8 miles, he boxes 15 minute rounds with different sparing partners moving in, He has ran miles in jeans and Timberland boots. No one in the sport alive is more dedicated, determined, and disciplined than Floyd(the only boxer that comes close is Bernard Hopkins). Oscar is going to have to knock Floyd out.

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I agree, Oscar will have to knock Floyd out. People don't seem to realize that he can just that. DLH is no slouch in speed. DLH is not past his prime. DLH is getting pissed at Floyd, something that has always benefited DLH in the past. All these things will spell trouble for Floyd. This wont be a close fight. It will either be a DLH KO of Floyd, or Floyd pitty-patty punching his way to a decisive decision. Either way I wont give Floyd much accolade for this fight. For as mouthy as he is, I bet you he is too afraid to stand and fight with DLH.

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