100 to win on delahoya what is the odds and pay out?


Who in your opinion, are the top 5 defensive fighters of all time?

Odds are more like +150 in the major offshore sportsbooks-don't know where you would get 4-1 or 8-1. You would win $150 for your bet-I would advise you not to make it. Mayweather is much too good for him, and should win rather easily. I went the other way-laying odds of -170 where you risk that to win 100.

How can Muhammad Ali be called "the greatest" when?

ODDS? 4-1! and by the way: your man will not win!! maywether wins by TKO IN 11TH! there goes your 100 dollars, fool!

Who think's that if floyed has a tuff fight or gets beat will blame his hand i do?

Now its 8-1 and danny was right mayweather is going to win

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