Am i the greatest in the world?

im amazing * head


Who said "Down goes Frazier"?

I used to think I was pretty bad azz... until I saw your cartoon face. Now I know you would make me you biotch if you wanted. You are so tough it is rediculous. How can one guy be so tough AND super cool? I want to be just like you and use a computer with a cartoon face to bolster my self esteem.

Who is the best boxer between Manny Pacquiao And Juan Manuel Marquez?

You are the greatest... at sucking.

Why do people doubt Wlad?


Who is Liam Hartley?

I'm gonna go out on a limb on this one.


Stupid question?

u retard. stop waste your time, this is a stupid quistion, here is a good one, am I a retard? the answer is yes

Who won the fight between Mayweather and De la Hoya?

Look in the mirror and ask yourself that question..

If Ali had won his 1st match vs Frazier, how would his legend change? What would have happened against Foreman

yes u are. ur the greatest jerkoff in the world

Mike Tyson in his prime VS Muhammad Ali in his prime?

U amazing at what giving head to others guys

How many guys know how to box?


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