A lot of top pro boxers lead with a right uppercut to the body. doesnt this leave them open to a counterpunch?


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There is always a counterpunching option no matter what you lead with.

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Ah yes this is so but in executing such a manoeuvre they would then leave themselves open to a clout round the ear a biff to the belly or a very painful poke in the eye or the killer lick to the chin. Failing that he could always punch him in the teeth, know what i mean Arri

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Isn't an uppercut aimed at the chin?.

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A lot of boxers do not lead to the body with a uppercut it depends on where you opponent is standing when you throw this punch not a good punch to lead off with because you are more likely to get countered the next time you throw it the best time to throw it is when your inside

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i've personally never seen this. can you name a boxer who has done this, i'm only saying this because thats a pretty dumb move to do because of how easily this can be countered and a pro should know not to throw that kind of punch

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Thats definetly not what alot of professional boxers do. Thats an amature mistake. The best punch to lead with is a quick jab. But as someone already said, no matter what punch you throw theres always a counterpunch for it.

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I imagine your talking about trading inside because like someone else said its rare to see pros and especially ams lead to the body with an uppercut. In any case it generally isn't a good idea to lead with any type of upper unless you have the natural athletic ability of Roy Jones. Come to think of it I remember Jones throwing that punch more than once.

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If you want to see what happens when you lead with a right uppercut and get countered, watch Holyfield's KO of Buster Douglas. One picture is worth a thousand words.

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well when they lead with any kind of punch you leave your self open to a sertain degree but if you notice the left arm is always waiting for the block and they soon get back to a defensive possition so they dont get hurt they try and be as kwick as possible with the upsercut so that the counter punch does not happen.

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