Aniston or Jolie?

Who would win in a Celebrity Deathmatch? Who would you want to win? Why?


What time EST is going to be the mayweather vs de la hoya?? quick i wanna record it?

Aniston. She has been a lady about it all so far as I have noticed, and this would be her perfect opportunity to kick some butt! That pretty much sums up who I want to win and why as well. Home wrecking Jolie needs a good butt whoopin! I'd like to Aniston take on Pitt too. She probably wouldn't do it to either of them though. What goes around comes around and they'll both get theirs!

IF u had the chance to FIGHT ''anyone'' important or rich or what ever who would you for detail

I like Jolie better. She'd win for sure!

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Ricky Hatton ?

I want Aniston to win, but Jolie would in reality.

Who would win in a boxing match between joey buttafuoco and danny bonaducci?

Jolie, because she's just a lot more intriging than Aniston is, and far sexier! I would want her to win because she's just damn hot!

Novice division for Golden gloves tournament?

Angelina by Far.. She kicks ace! She is Hott too!

Pacquiao will destroy Barrera?


Who Loves Rocky Balboa?!?!?!?!?

so much better

Heavy bags filled with water?

Jolie she'll fight dirty.

Salvador Sanchez vs. Julio Cesar Chavez who wins?

If they had to use their lips to fight with, my money's on Jolie. If it's noses, Aniston by, well, yep, you guessed it- a NOSE.

Has the fight started on the soapcast this really working.. im not showing anything..?

aniston, i mean come on jolie just had a baby. however, i like jolie better.

Carlos Ortiz vs. Hector Camacho who wins?

Probably Angelina Jolie now that she has Brad Pitt on her side.

Anyone out there actually in person for friday night fights in scranton?

Jolie would definitly win

Boxing Question?

All of them...

What do u think of Jeff Lacy frustration??

angelina of course

Will there ever by a boxing rivalry like Ali vs. Frazier?

Jolie for sure.even Aniston would be temporarily mesmerized by her beauty!

Are punching bags good for arm workouts?

i like aniston way better. jolie is overrated.

What do bunnies and boxing have in common?

Jolie's gonna win...she'll use her moves from tomb raider.

Who would win a fight between my two co workers? Mike vs Tim?

Jolie, She's a bad ***! She's been in more action movies than Aniston... Plus Aniston gets on my nerves and looks like a man with really nice hair.

Do you think Stallon it too old to play Balboa??

Both is nice and stupid!!!!!

What really is de la hoya VS mayweather?

Angelina Jolie

What was the name of the boxer nigel benn ruined there life?

Jolie would definitely win, she's just got more fight. She can be more grimey and mean and vicious than Aniston. I would also want Jolie to win, I would hate to see someone mess up those lips of hers. Jennifer Aniston isn't really that great looking if you think about it. She doesn't have certain feature that makes her look better, she doesn't have the greatest curves around, she's just one of those that are good looking for how plain she is.

Why do you think the May 5, De La Hoya/ Mayweather fight generated the most ppv revenue in boxing history?

Aniston, but Jolie would win cuz shez got more muscles lol.

Military boxing in the 70's?

I like both of them, its a tough call, but when its all said and done i give it to aniston cause jolie stole her man

Diego "Chico" Corrales Dies in motorcycle accident?

Angelina Jolie has so many nasty man muscles that she would win- not that she deserves to, though.

Super fight?

That would be a great match. Aniston is more muscular! but Angelina, has more experience fighting and preparing for her fight scenes in Thomb raider and Mr. & Mrs. Smith! Plus she also seems like she would be very vicious. If I was a betting man, I had to go with Angelina.
Obviously in the looks department she beats Aniston hands down too.

I want to know why the shoulder roll doesn`t work well in amateur boxing.?

if the fight had taken place a few years ago, jolie would probably
have won easily, but she was married to billy bob thornton, that
had to take a lot out of her.. i believe jenn would fight 'younger',
so i'd have to go with her.. lol

Who loves manny pacquiao?

definitely Jolie!!

Who was called the Fireman?

Angelina Jolie. I like Aniston too but she is just too bla for me and yes, not that cute and yes probably very cute to just normally cute women. And you can only take a man that wants to be taken. If Brad Pitt was that happy in his marriage he would have never looked elsewhere. So, stop the blaming on Angelina. He was married, she was not.

When did tommy morison die?


What are the most devastating right hands in boxing in each division?

Angelina Jolie would beat Jennifer Aniston silly.

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