Ali vs holyfield- heavywt title- who wins & how?

each man in his prime. how does it shake out?


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i think brad(of course), tyrone, and c-man had the best answers so far. however, i do take a little issue...i don't think ali would have had that tough a time w/holyfield. holyfield was a great warrior, yes, but ali would have just been too fast, too accurate, and too smart for holy. ali would've just rammed that piston like jab in holy's face all night and puffed him up - holy wasn't that hard to hit and was prone to mix it up when challenged - sometimes to his detriment! i really don't think evander had the power or the skills to really do much to a prime ali. i see ali winning this by unanimous decision, if not by late round stoppage(tko, most likely).good question though~

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In their primes... ALI knocks him out in 7

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HOLYFIELD--he would outlast him. Jab and move out, make Ali chase him. Ali was great coming out of the gate, but not much on stamina.

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Ali knocks him out in 8... He's a true heavyweight, whereas Holyfield was a beefed up middleweight. His speed advantage versus the lumbering fighters he defeated doesn't exist vs a young Ali, who was faster still.

Anyone who thinks Ali had no stamina didn't see the Thrilla in Manila :P

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Ali would win it by unanimous decision. Holyfield would give him trouble though. He's a very courageous fighter and would give Ali the toughest fight of his career even tougher than Thrilla In Manila. In the end, speed wins and Ali has it.

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I was going to pose this question, but I reckoned, and I'm correct, that most people would respond with Ali as the winner.
I pick The Greatest, too, but I can assure you, the war that Evander would've put Ali through would make 'The Thrilla in Manilla' seem like a sparring session.

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Ali...he would dance him aroudn the ring...the man could run just as fast backwords as he could forword...he would move he would tier out Holyfield...but im tellinya that ould be a great fight...

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Ali wins hands down his speed and strength are to much for holyfield because all he has is strength. in the 7th round holyfield will start to run out of steem Ali will work the rope e dope on him and knock him out

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That would be a great fight, because the Real Deal Holyfield has the heart of a champion. But Ali is still THE GREATEST, and wins in the 10th.

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Ali win this one by a unanimous decision. I beg to differ with some of the people answering this question. This fight wouldn't be a walk in the park for Ali. Each man would stand his ground ground and there would be a lot of rapid fire exchanges. Evander would lose this fight, but he would do himself proud.

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I read the answers here and I am surprised... Joe Frazier's style
reminds me of the Holyfield in his prime. I feel Holy is, was , a smarter fighter then Joe. I feel Holy would not fall victim to Alis taunts and tactics. Ali was a dirty fighter and repeatably held and leaned on his opponents, plus used the ropes to hold and hit. Holy in 15 by a decision
But there would be no title holder and it would be two fighters only that way the challenger would not have to decidedly beat "The champ"

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I told you all that I was back and that it would be with a vengeance.

I pity the fool that thinks Holy could beat Ali

Brad, you were talking about objectivity. It is your heart not your mind that is causing you to say that Evander would give Ali a hard fight. I am a fan of Holy's but he could not even carry Ali's shoes or trunks.

Everybody keeps talking about Evander's heart, what about Ali? Could Holy continue to fight with a broken jaw? HELL NO!

To Brad, Brent and all your parrots/shills (look it up) - This is a "Dream Bout", the Ali that fights Evander is the Ali that fought "Big Cat" Williams. Evander would be beat silly.

To the real boxing experts here, you may need to think again and possibly re-access your position.

I am finished with this (for now).

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