After Cotto eventually loses who will be the next babied puerto rican posterboy?

Just wondering who will Bob Arum build up after cotto is exposed.


How do I find the best plans for building a boxing ring?

Here is the guy, Juan Manuel Lopez
W 16 (14 ko's) | L 0 | D 0 | Total 16
23 years old. He is a bantamweight and recently fought on the Cotto-Urkal undercard.

Edison Miranda is Columbian but is hoping Puerto Rico adopts him
W 28 (24 ko's) | L 1 | D 0 | Total 29
26 year old middleweight, with one controversial loss and a lot of ferocity/power

But I am not too sure Cotto will lose to Judah. Cotto is only 3 years younger at 26, but Judah has been fighting for over 10 years while Cotto half of that. Judah may not be the fighter he used to be (I cant judge him until i see him on ESPN2 on 4/13 vs Ruben Galvan) although Felix 'Tito" Trinidad, the last Puerto Rican posterboy is predicting Judah to win.


Miguel Cotto

Miguel Cotto also has an older, less talented but not bad, brother, Jose Miguel Cotto

Do you think Vanes mardirosian is the best?

Too much build up..
It's getting boring.
The fight was just so-so.
I expected much more.
As long as people are willing to pay ,
there will be promoters selling kids
as fighters. Regardless of race. It's
only a left hook away from someone
getting hurt now. Because a lot of the
fighters don't have the skills it takes,
to stay safe, much less win.

Weightlifting and Boxing?

Don's obviously not a Cotto fan, and Arum does tend to protect his fighters. Cotto has flaws I will give you that, but the blogbaba is not so quick to dis Cotto, the jury's still out on whether he's overrated or just over protected. I do remember Cotto getting tagged solid and wobbling around the ring a couple fights ago, so Don may prove right. Time will tell.

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