A match that might have happened, If he had decided not to see?

Question:his lady friend one night and tried to haul a** back to training camp to make that 5 A.M. wake up call.
Salvador Sanchez vs. Eusebio Pedrosa who wins?
Feathwerweight unification bout,15 rounds.
The Great Sanchez R.I.P.
Yeah guys and gals it's cornball but give me a break, Sanchez is in my Pantheon of great fighters. The supreme master counterpuncher.


Jim Bradock or Max Baer?

oh, brent. would have torn my house apart watching this. pedroza was tall, awkward ,clever & dirty. he would do everything to disrupt sanchez- rabbit punches, elbows, combinations to the groin, bolo punches, walking away from exchanges. young sanchez would grow up on this night. pedrosa would win rounds & hurt sanchez with low blows. salvador would adjust. he was still learning his craft. here, he would begin to cut the ring & be aggressive as in the gomez bout. an angry but thinking sanchez begins to land more combinations in the middle rounds, taking advantage of pedrozas on/off style. though the old master would frustrate, foul & outslick him at times, sanchez would be relentless. pedrosa, having been forced to fight at a hotter pace than he wanted, would find his late stamina is not there on this night. sanchez wins by 13th round tko. we were robbed of this mans talent too soon. i dont think we got to see all he could do. i believe he might have proved the best feather of all time. thanks for the question!

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