1990 Bert Cooper vs Evander Holyfield..Dont you think Mills lane stopped it to soon?


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Mills did his job. Ring-savvy fighters like Holyfield know how to dig deep within themselves to keep themselves in the fight for another round, even if it isn't in their best physical interest. That's where the referees come in. They have to be the unbiased voice of reason for both fighters, responsible for rules being followed, and the all physical aspects and condition of both fighters. I am happy to see that the others in this forum hold the same opinion.

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it was those upper cuts that decided it, also that the clean right hands where adding up. Mills Lanes was one of the greatest refes ever. I pray for him and his family, with the stroke he suffered Last year.MR

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I remember that fight well. Cooper was a substitute for an Italian fighter named Francesco Damiani (don't know if i spelled that right) and i remember saying to my boys that Cooper is going to give Holyfield a much tougher fight than that Itailian dude would have. And he did just that, actually knocking Evander down and really had him out on his feet. But Evander showed that championship heart and true grit in coming back to stop Cooper. I don't think it was stopped too soon because he hit Bert with so many unanswered shots and Bert wasn't punching back or showing any defense so the ref had no choice but to stop it. That was a pretty good fight and so was Bert Cooper vs. Michael Moorer.

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No I don't. Mills was a good referee that very seldom overreacted.

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Can't really say he stopped it too soon but Cooper had Holyfield hurt worse than I've ever seen anyone that was still standing. Lane should have stopped the fight even though Holyfield was still on his feet. That was one great fight

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