"Superfighter" tournament coming up Dec 2nd, 8 Heavyweights fight for 5 million?

Question:With the Heavyweight Divison in disarray its good to see that someone is staging a "tournament" for the divisions fringe contenders. What's your take on this event "Superfighter" coming up Dec 2nd?

Participants: Chris Byrd (39-3 w20KO), Juan Carlos Gomez (39-1 w33KO), Jameel McCline (38-6 w23KO), O'Neil Bell (26-1 w24KO), Oliver McCall (48-8 w35KO), Tye Fields (37-1 w34KO), Sinan Samil Sam (27-3 W15KO) and Chris Arreola (18-0 w16KO) The Winner to receive a guaranteed $5 million. Second part of my question, Who do you see winning?

http://www.superfighter.tv/ (website for the event)


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When I clicked on the link it went to an advertisement but all I had to do was click "skip" and it went right to the "Super-Fight" webpage. Robert must not be intelligent enough to figure out what "skip" means. I like the idea of a "round robin" event. What intrigues me about the list of fighters is that you have a couple of "unknowns" who as a result of this tournament could emerge a "player" in the division. Especially Fields and Arreola with their excellent KO ratio. The shortened fights will promote more action because the fighters can't waste time "feeling eachother out". I like it. More Action is Always Good.

McCline is ranked 14 WBA. Sain is ranked #4, McCall #5, Byrd #9, McCline #11 by the WBC. The IBF has Byrd at 5 and McCline at 12. Another thing of interest is O'Neil Bell the Unified Cruiserweight Champ is moving up to Heavyweight for the first time in his career. Makes you think back to another former Undisputed Cruiserweight King who moved up to Heavy and became the King there too. Great question.

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The link doesn't work unless you are part of the media?

That is a terrible line up of fighters. Are you sure that is the correct list? I really like the concept but what is the point if it is a bunch of suck fighters? If it was Wlad, Sergei, Valuev, Toney and Brewster now that would be a hell of a throwdown but instead they give you boxings version of the three stooges Byrd (Larry), McCline (Moe) and McCall (Curly)

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Brklyn NYC - This just proves, as we all know, how sorry the heavyweight division is. Pathetic. I am apologizing to you in advance for the next statement I am going to make. I don't CARE who wins any of these fights. Nothing personal Brklyn NYC. I hope you don't take it as such. We as boxing fans need the next great heavyweight to appear. I hope it happens soon.

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I think its ridiculous, orginally it was being marketed with quite a few big names, I see most of them have disappeared. I dont htink it will be a sucess and It will probably be the last time we'll see something like this for a while. I think a similar tournament was tried a few years ago and flopped miserably?

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I'm mostly interested in how Bell handles himself against Heavyweights. Holyfield rose from the Cruiser Division to be a breath of fresh air at Heavyweight. If the division ever needed a boost its now, GO BELL.

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Yeah it definately looks interesting and a pretty good line up to be honest. You,ve got a couple of ex world heavyweight champions and the current world cruiserweight champion you can't exactly say these guys suck ? as one of the previous posters did. They did one of theses type events about 10+ years ago, Tony Tubbs won it i think? it was reasonably popular im surprised its taken so long for someone to think to try it again.
If i was to pick a winner i would go with O'Neil Bell as he is the man on form at the moment, it should be good.

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wow!! never see that. sluggish heavyweights boxing for nothin. they all are lsot fighters that are fightin for money. don't watch it. watch another boxing show or something like that becuase you'd be watching two old gorilas fighting over a banana!

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the tournament has been cancelled from lack of interest and many fighters pulling out.

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