How do you hit hard?

I bench press 185 does that have anything do with how hard you hit somebody what is something where i can see how hard I hit


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The only way to learn to hit hard is to practice hitting things. Get a speed bag or punching bag and practice, practice, practice. In time, it will come to you. Weight training helps, but it doesn't work all the muscles in the way they need to be worked. You need to do bag work too.

The Contender winner?

Put your shoulder & weight into it..

What would have been of Marciano if he didn't retire in 1956 at 32, I mean if he had gone maybe 5 more years?

no you need practice

Agree or Disagree?

Apparently, there aren't many guys on here with practical application experience. Yes, you need to train. Yes, you should learn to put your shoulder into your punch. However all power punchers know that you generate power through footwork, and balance. Your power essentially comes from the hips. Learn this,
and you will be able to perform KO's from a stiff jab. (no fooling)

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