"With respect to Manny Pacquiao, my wife hits harder," - Jorge Solis...?

Question:I think we can translate that to "I'm a sore loser"

It's from this article:



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the person doing the inetrview at that time should've asked jorge solis "why didn't you ask your wife to fight instead?"

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I guess his wife would have KO'ed her in the 4th round instead of
Manny's 8th.

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Solis is a sore loser. He can't even give respect to a great fighter who just whooped his sorry as$!

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oh what a pile of rubbish, why he didn't get up after second fall? Stop dreaming guys, the best way to beat Manny is not to get knock out.

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pacquiao just got lucky he did not fight with jorge wife

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The blogbaba expected Solis to get KOed by the third or fouth round, so in that respect eight rounds was over an achievement for Jorge. I guess all those rounds of sparring with such a heavy hitting wife prepared him for the power of the Pacman. Solis is not the first sore loser in boxing, he won't be the last.

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oh yeah. so if the fight would have been solis vs. his wife., solis would have been ko'ed in round 3.. what if pacquaio fight ms. solis . to see if what he said was true.. LOLZ

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