"Boxers Fracture"?

i was thinkin about joining boxing, but about 6 months ago i was dumb n punched something and got what the doctor called a boxers fracture on my pinky finger bone on my hand... had a cast on and everything but decided not to get surgery.. is it safe to box with that andalso too late to have surgery now?.. i have the big lump over my entire pinky bone still..


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My husband did the same thing. Without surgery it will probably never look or feel the same. He has this huge knot now and the doctor told him that it would never go away.
If you want to have yours fixed you need to see a doctor that specializes in hand surgery.


you should get another x ray to ddetermine this.. if there is still al ump there, the fracture site may have healed incorrectly and to what extent this may have on boxing would best be determined by a Dr. and x-rays..Good Luck

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Watch out with it, and if it needs surgery or is recommended by the doctor then go for it. Also watch out in your training with it, and make sure it doesnt get hurt. over all take care of it, and dont let it get in te way, or become worse, because it is your body and no one wants you to get hurt. hurt hands also affect training or competition so you dont want that to happen either. what ever the doctor says and it sounds right you just do it. thanks so much.

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Your punching with the weakest side of your hand , the strongest part is the index and middle finger side.Those 2 knuckles do the most damage.

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