ALI vs MARCIANO who would win?

thats one fight that we will never see...


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Ali: In the 1960s they hooked up to a machine that tested their speed stamina endurance power finesse and so on on it predicted Ali it said rocky even in his prime would have got knocked out in the 4th round for loss of stamina he would have got knocked out both ali and rocky are still great champions

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Simple Ali! He was a very smart boxer who used his speed, skills, and brains in and out of the ring. He would beat you before the fight started then trash you once it did.

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It would be ali but rocky went undefeated through his career so if anybody has a chance against ali it has to be rocky marciano

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Ali would win. Marciano was quite like George Foreman in strength and punching power. Both of them lacked speed too. But Marciano was smaller in size. In fact, he was more suited as a light-heavyweight. He was also onion-skinned and would easily get cut. Now remember that Ali outpunched, outslicked and knocked out the bigger Foreman. Imagine, what the Greatest would do to the smaller Marciano. The fight might even get stopped early due to cuts from Ali's constant jabs.

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Ali would win 7 out of 10 times. Marciano was a swarmer just like Joe Frazier,and everybody knows what happened to him.

Better defense, Floyd Mayweather or Winky Wright? Also, who would win?

Rocky never lost, Ali did 5 times. Rocky refused to lose and had too much durability, determination and punching power for Muhammad and would win before the final bell on a TKO. Rocky was truly the greatest!

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Ali would win with relative ease, he was too fast, too smart, too skilled and too big for Marciano!

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Ali hands down...or hands up for Boxing purposes. Marciano was great don't get me wrong, but Ali's hand speed is unmatched.

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