After you make people miss how do you make them pay in the boxing ring?

My footwork, slipping, bobbing and weaving and all that stuff seems more developped than the rest of my boxing game. What do I do to practice getting punches off when I am rolling my shoulders avoiding shots? Any specific hand bag drills/combos etc? Any advice at all is welcomed.


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Robin ~
In my opinion, your best bet is to have your trainer work the pads with you. Have him throw a shot at you, you slip the shot and counter on the opposite pad. This is a great workout. Ask your coach to watch tape of Manny Steward working the pads with any of his fighters and the intensity involved, it's pretty incredible.

Another thing that you can do which was incredibly successful with a young Mike Tyson is work the Mazie ball. The Mazie Ball is a speed bag filled with sand that hangs from the ceiling by a rope, the bag should be even with your face. Get in you stance and push the bag away from you as the bag comes back in your direction throw a series of punches let the bag come as close as possible to your face the slip either to the right or left side, keep your head going from side to side at least four times until you time the ball perfectly and it slips by your head on the way back, hold your position in the center throw four fast punches and wait for the ball to comeback at you a repeat the process. Try it a few times and you'll get the hang of it.

Tie a rope from ring post to ring post, cutting the in half. Get in your stance, make sure the rope is just touching your shoulder, bend you kness enough to where your head goes under the rope. Keeping your hands up throw a punch with the hand that your head is on the side of, meaning if your head is on the right side of the rope, throw a right hand, if it's on the left throw a left. Stay in your stance and work yourself to the opposite corner. Make sure when you're moving forward you pick your front foot up and sliding your back foot always stay in your stance and when you reach the opposite corner work going backwards this time pick your back foot up and slide your front foot. This helps you work the slip and counter.

There are so many things that you can do these are just a few. I hope this helps and good luck Robin. Peace. Thanks for the question.

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Sparring. The more rounds your spar in the gym, the better you hand/eye coordination and counter punching will become. Same said for defensive work and foot work.

Believe it or not, the simple (or not so simple) act of juggling three or more tennis balls does wonders for hand/eye coordination and hand speed. Makes timing a fighter's movement fun instead of work.

The best (or worst depending on your personality) is good old fashioned road work. Nothing can be substituted for conditioning. Wind to spare in the later rounds makes all the difference, and lack of stamina has ended more fights than punches have.

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The best answer that i can give you is this, hit the person as fast as you can when they miss.
Speed & stamina are the equal to power when use the right way. So rember when they swing and miss you swing and connect multiple times might i add.
Read this book: Boxer's start up by doug werner

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Robin, spar, spar and spar some more. Get in the ring with a trainer and work with the punch mitts. The trainer if he has a body belt can wear it and you can work in body punching also. Double end bag work is good for that also. A qualified trainer would help you immensely. A second set of eyes looking at your technique and balance is of great value. A rope tied from ring post to ring post diagonally can help also. You can bob and weave under the rope throwing punches as you go try doing that for 3 minutes, it's a great workout.

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