"Dream Bout" - George Foreman vs Larry Holmes 15 rds - Who wins?


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Smitty ~
In my opinion, Holmes came along in the wrong decade and was not embraced as the really outstanding fighter he was. While "Big" George was one of the meanest S.O.B's around especially in his prime. Whenever anyone mentions George Foreman now they always say "That nice boxing guy who sells the grills." Not so, he had a reputation when he was in his prime HE WAS A BAD MAN.

Holmes had the one weapon that would be necessary to beat a young in his prime Foreman and that is a excellent jab. Foreman always had problems with people he just couldn't get in there and use his thumping punches to break them down. If someone wants to write Ali had a great jab, I would write yes he did but not when he fought Foreman, Ali's jab was practically nonexistent. Ali fought the first half of his career not wanting to get hit but the second half showing he could take whatever anyone brought to the ring. Had this fight been the Ali before his supension he would have smoked foreman in less than 6 rounds. Anyway back to Holmes. Holmes had the way better jab and his right hand was like a small missle right behind it.

Holmes would swell Big Gerorge up with a stiff jab followed by a stiff right hand all night long and win a 15 round unanimus decision.

Thanks for the question Brother.

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This answer hinges on what George you're referring to Smitty. I'll give two answers. I'll match them when they were both young champions and at the peak of their powers. Big George gets beat in this scenario. Why? If Jimmy Young who was an intelligent heavyweight with decent movement, a decent counter puncher, but lacked a punch could outbox Foreman and make him look bad, Holmes would make him look worse. Holmes by unanimous decision.
Let's match them as older fighters when they made their comebacks about the time both of them mixed it up with Holyfield. Big George wins this fight with his patience, improved defense, and clubbing punching power. I don't think Holmes could win this fight with his jab alone, as he lacked good foot movement as an older fighter. Foreman either TKO's Holmes or wins the decision.

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This is a good match. I would have to say George Foreman. Foreman is to brutal and has to much power for Larry Holmes. Larry's Jab wouldn't be a factor against Foreman.

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Interesting fight Smitty! During both of their primes and as young men is what I'm going to base my answer on. Holmes was very underrated and had an excellent jab. Foreman of course could always hit like a mule even in later years he still had that great power. When Foreman lost to Ali, Muhammad used the strategy to let Foreman wear himself out and not too many fighters could have gotten away with that the way Ali did. I believe that Holmes would have the quicker jab, but remember that Foreman had a good jab too and like Joe Louis, it carried good power too! Holmes of course did beat Ali, but he didn't beat a prime Ali for certain. This would be a tough fight for both men and a really good fight. Foreman would come after Holmes who would land more punches with Foreman's causing more damage. I don't believe that Holmes would be able to survive Foreman's power and would get caught with tremendous shots in the 9th round of a great fight and would not be able to continue. Foreman would have also sustained damage especially to his eyes from the Holmes jab's but in the end I believe that Foreman's power would win him the fight.

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Two answers to this: Holmes vs. Foreman 1st incarnation, Holmes wins a decision..
Holmes vs. Foreman 2ns incarnation, Foreman catches Holmes and knocks him out.

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I am going against a lot of experts on this one, but I will give it a try. I think this would be an ugly fight. Even in his prime, I don't think Foreman could catch Larry Holmes in the ring. I think Holmes would dance around, jabbing up Foreman and tire the frustrated Foreman. Foreman would take chances and would get caught with a jab coming in. Sensing a kill, Holmes would flurry Foreman. Even though not seriously hurt, Foreman would not be able to figure out how to cover and the ref would stop this controversial stoppage in the 9th round. Foreman's face would be a mess. Once during the fight, Holmes would get caught in the corner, but will have the defense and the legs to weather the storm.

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Smitty this fight would go against my ranking for all time fighters because I have Foreman ahead of Holmes. I guess I need to do some more thinking. I think Holmes could do to Foreman what Ali did if Ali and Holmes reversed positions. Holmes as you know was a jab master. Foreman didn't start using his jab until he came back he didn't need it during his first stint he knocked everyone out. Whether a young Foreman where it is possible Holmes gets the KO too or an old Foreman I think Holmes would take the decision by use of the better jab..If Foreman catches him Holmes is out but I think Holmes could stay away. Would be a good fight regardless.

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larry holmes would beat he brakes off of foreman. yesterday or today!

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Foreman beats holmes with a grill in the last seconds of the round... both are mentally retarded from then on!

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Blogbaba always wanted these two to fight. The Geezer's at Cesar's almost happened during Big George's second career, but fell though over $$$. Larry had the best jab the heavyweight division had seen maybe ever, and George still had the power to KO just about anyone. I think it would have been a lot like the Moorer fight, with George loosing a lot of the early rounds, then getting to Larry late.

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foreman will knock him out in fourth round!

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If you are talking 1973 Foreman, he KOs Larry.
Both had long careers, you may need to specify.

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