Am i a wimp?

hi, i am a student at the age of 16. i wanna go into boxing, and at school i don't fight a lot. some people push me around, but i don't like to start fights for little things.most of the times, the person is younger than me. now people think they can push me around. so if i go into boxing, am i gonna be insulted later in my life that i didn't have that many fights, that i was a wimp?? stayed away from fights? avoided them?? am i a wmp? should i quit my dreams of boxing. i just get a little bit scared before fights, but doesn't that happen to everyone? a little fear? is my past and present gonna effect my future? but what's more important, my future present or the past i lived in? and don't people say you have to get into fights to be a good boxer? please help me. am i a big wimp, because i try to avoid fighting? does anyone else have this problem? pleae reply, and please be nice. thx in advance...bye


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yes, everyone gets a little scared before a fight, but a real fighter faces his fear and turns it into anger. Im not saying to go around and start fights. Avoiding fights is a good thing, but I would not let someone push me around or pick on me. That is a little to far. Even if you lose the fight you have to stand your ground. the more you let it go the more they will take advantage, But if you make at least one good stand they will stop doing that.

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You should be proud that you try to avoid fighting. I have had similar feelings, as far as your insecurities. I let a lot slide, especially when I was in my teens. When I was younger than that, I use to frequently look for a challenge, than I just mellowed out. After letting a few fight oppertunities go, as well the majority of all other competition like situations, I began wondering if I had simply become a coward. That wasn't the best feeling to have, especially when I had so many friends who looked and look to me for strength. They would beg me to wrestle good wrestlers at their high school, box guys no one else could beat, and I passed up all but two or three oppertunites. The ones I took I made good on, but still I wondered why I wasn't more confrontational. We have since grown out of all that stuff, but I am still haunted by my lack of aggression. I have a family of my own now, and have since passed up more confrontations, a few of which I look back on and wish I hadn't. But I have realized now that I've passed on fighting people I know I would've destroyed, and obviously not out of fear. It's a double edged sword, in fact, you will find that most things in life are what you make them to be, everything has pros and cons. Because of the way I am, I have avoided a lot of fights that should have in fact been avoided, but I have also let a few go that I probably shouldn't have.

All in all, it's probably good I have not fought, what does it really do? So it weighs on my confidence a bit even to this day, and that seems to be the same with you. You can know yourself better than anyone else, be real with yourself, and you will see why you avoid the fights. I would recommend continuing to avoid fighting at all costs, but you should know how to throw down in the event it becomes necessary and/or unavoidable.

As far as fighting to become a good boxer, aside from the confrontation and adrenaline experience, they are all but completely different. Boxing is about strategy, poise, and effective aggression, amongst many other things. Street fighting is random and reckless. If you want to box, than box, don't street fight. Go to a gym, train, learn, and than test yourself against others in the gym (i.e spar). I've seen guys cower (for lack of a better word) down in their first few sparring sessions, they forget their training and focus on not getting hit, essentially making themselves little more than slightly moving targets. But they've come back. You need experiece in the ring to be good in the ring.

And as far as people pushing you around, to what extent do they do this? That could really start getting to you, I wasn't really pushed around, I just avoided confrontations. That can't be fun, I would work on that. It may seem stupid, but talking to these guys could help, though at your age it is probably more likely to hurt (even older people struggle with communicating efficiently). Maybe train for a while, than ask them to settle it like men in the ring. There's honor and a lot more safety in that. In my experience people get quite startled when you calmly invite them to lace up some gloves and do it in the ring. Bullies prey on the weak, it takes a pretty stand up guy to casually say let's do it, but with honor. To be honest there's no sure fire way to work on something like that, everything is just as likely to hurt as it is to help, even boxing them with gloves could make them come for you again, in the ring or out. It's really something that shouldn't even happen, and hence you shouldn't have to handle them. But look man, you have to take care of your self, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I wish you the best, and if you want or need to, e-mail me ( ). Be safe and take care.

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Well I don't get scared I get really nervous that feels like im scared but no your not a wimp.. Im 13 and I started boxing 9months ago and I got so so so so so scared when I first sparred and I used to get pushed around alot too... Still do sometimes... But if your hands are registered then you really cant do anything lol..

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No your not a wimp. It's probably good you haven't been in much fights. Yeah you'll be very inexperienced, but boxing training will more than make up for that. Because you don't get in fights it'll be easier for you to get the basics. I know from experience how you have to literally retrain your body in order to box. Most people will plant their feet and throw punches incorrectly. If you distribute weight correctly thoughout your body and are balanced. You will get the full power of a punch and your less likely to leave yourself open if you happen to miss. It's good that you don't fight if you can avoid it. Thats a good attitude to have as a boxer, because once you get the basics down and continue to progress you'll realize how dangerous you'll become once you reach your prime, and you'll get your arms registered as weapons so if you get in a fight with someone out of the ring your gonna get the shaft if your caught. So be more confident in yourself and train hard!

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it does not make you a whimp. It akes you a nice guy. Fighting is not fun, adrenalin rush yes. My dad had me do boxing in my teens so i would know how to defend myself and for fitness. It gave me a confidence i never had before, but not so that i could bully people but that i could defend myself properly if it came to it. I used to get in the ring and spar male and female opponents and that i did enjoy as it was a safe environment. Before doing boxing i had been in a few fights defending my brother as im the older sister, after learning the sport i have not been in one since. Fighting is a last resort and if you can get out of it then all the better. If boxing is what you want to do then go for it. Good luck

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Your not a wimp

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