Am i a wimp??

hi, i am a student at the age of 16. i wanna go into boxing, and at school i don't fight a lot. some people push me around, but i don't like to start fights for little things.most of the times, the person is younger than me. now people think they can push me around. so if i go into boxing, am i gonna be insulted later in my life that i didn't have that many fights, that i was a wimp?? stayed away from fights? avoided them?? am i a wmp? should i quit my dreams of boxing. i just get a little bit scared before fights, but doesn't that happen to everyone? a little fear? is my past and present gonna effect my future? but what's more important, my future present or the past i lived in? and don't people say you have to get into fights to be a good boxer? please help me. am i a big wimp, because i try to avoid fighting? does anyone else have this problem? pleae reply, and please be nice. thx in advance...bye


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If boxing is your dream, then go for it. If you don't try it, you may regret it in the future Are you a wimp? That is what you must decide, but if you go into boxing be sure of yourself, and if you are you might find that you can fight. People here can't decide that for you. Don't worry what people are going to think. That doesn't matter. Concentrate on the present, keep in mind of the future but don't worry about it. There is also a difference from avoiding fights and sticking up for yourself. Trying to avoid fights doesn't make you a wimp, but you should try to stick up for yourself. I think you should give boxing a try.

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Kid pushes you, you need to slam him to the ground and make him pay or your a WIMP. boxing might be a little much if you can't take punches or you havn't had the experience people in boxing do not care if you had street fights they care if you go kill some in the ring

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Punchers are born not made. If you aren't a fighter at 16 you probably aren't a fighter. Did you fight a lot as a little kid? If you did u may have it in ya, just on a short hiatus from it. It's normal to be a little nervous before a fight. But u can't let younger kids push u around man. Stand up for yourself and people will respect u. Sit and take it and people will think u are weak and they'll do it more.

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You sound pretty normal to the blogbaba. Let me share a secret with you..every body who ever squared off against another person in or out of the ring felt a measure of fear.

Find a gym and start working out, if it leads to anything in boxing, fine, but I can only improve your life. Insecurity is a part of high school, again, you are the rule not the exception, all your fellow classmates feel the same insecurities you do, so don't worry about it.

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