Another question about boxing.?

Question:I frequently have been sparing with friends [cant find a gym]
And I stuided there styles they just come in Like Mike Tyson and I can never get a hit in what style would you say could counter Complete offense.


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I would say do one of two things.
1. Watch some footage of Lennox Lewis. If you can learn how to jab effectively and follow with straight right hands, like Lennox, that would be a great start. Lennox is a good one to study because he had a dominating style.
2. Watch some footage of James Toney. His defense is immaculate, the way he moves his shoulders and head to make people miss is uncanny. He is also arguably the best counter puncher in the business. If you can copy cat his countering skills, learn when to throw what punch, you may have success. If you actually study some of their fights and try to act out their styles you should be able to land some good shots.

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Work on your reactions and feetwork. Think Herol "Bomber" Graham

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use your feet and move. Jab them in the face. Throw straight punches, 1,2's. You must create angles with your feet and with your body positioning. This will expose areas on your opponetts body and head which you could strike with other punches like hooks, uppercuts or crosses.Practice by shadow boxing in a mirror. A nice open area where you can bounce around is also nice so u can work on your footwork. Keep your chin in too so U don't get knocked out. Keep those hands up too. Don't forget to go to the body. Good luck.

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Stick a jab in their face and follow with a right hand. Still works like a charm after all these years.

Left to the body, left to the head is another tried and true combo that will never grow old.

My faviorite is the good old 1-2-3. Jab, right hand, and a left hook to finish with.

Simple is always best, any time you get to pretty, you end up back in your corner wondering why the Ref is asking you if you want to continue.

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Oh brother. Without watching you fight, my best guess would be not about style, but about skill and aggression. When they close in, hit them. I remember something Buster Douglas said when he was asked about his strategy that pulled off the upset over Tyson. We expected to Douglas to discuss fight tactics, but his strategy was this:

"Hit him hard, and hit him a lot."

Now go do that.

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