Anybody ever been punch hard in the stomach?

when you werent even looking,,thought i was going to die couldnt even make a sound or breathe ,,i dont even know the guy who hit me ,,think he thought i was an ex gilfried or something..should i see a doctor or will i be o.k?


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You'll be ok. You just got caught offguard. It may hurt for a few days. Sounds like you got the wind knocked out of you...When I was growing up I never would have thought about hitting a female. My dad would've killed me, and then called the cops on me. Now it seems like I always hear about guys hitting girls. Times change...

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Yup. It's no joke. How hard did he hit you? Describe the situation.

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The "guy" who hit you is no guy. "He" may have male genitalia (though even that would seem dubious) but hee (can't say 'he') is no man if that's what you mean by "guy". Hee should be ashamed of him?self though that's unlikely 'cuz apparently, hee has no conscience. I have suffered a hard blow(s) to the stomach while playing football games. It can be very painful, leave you breathless, etc. You were apparently hit near the top of your "stomach", an area known as the solar plexus, if you lost your breath. You are probably ok but women do not usually have the abdominal musculature possessed by most men so you should, to be safe, see if an MD will refer you for an x-ray and or MRI or the like to ensure you have no broken/fractured ribs, no organ damage, etc.

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don't be scared it's normal it's just bruised it's like pulling a muscle it hurts but it heals

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