Question:who do you think is the least favourite person in the world?
saddam...robert mugabi......or borat


What was the best Fight you ever got into... NOT VERBAL, I WANT PUNCHES THROWN lollll?

Whats wrong wiv Borat!?!?!?!

Who is the new cutie in boxing?


Who is the british welter weight champion?


Who would win a boxing match out of a young Mike Tyson and a young Ali?


What would happen if a skinny 5'5'' 115 Ibs guy got into a fight with a 6'5'' 290 Ibs guy...all muscle

I have an axe - will that help

Who are your top 3 favorite boxers of all time?

Sheesh ......I am torn

Does anybody know where i can find boxing matches of Ray Boom Boom Mancini ?He fought in the 70s & 80s.?

You forgot Osama Bin Laden...

Where can I find Kick boxing moves in picture form?


Which rapper would be a good boxer?


3 time Champion has passed?

def not borat hes excellant...would have to say saddam

Packey McFarland "King of the Stockyards"?


Who won the 1966 feather weight golden gloves championship at madison sq garden?

Murad Muhammad

This is a boxing thread dude.

HOW do i know what weight of punching bag is right for me?


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