Aaron Pryor vs. Pernell Whitaker who wins?

Fight is at jr. welter. A whirling dervish vs. mr. slick what style wins?


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Pryor - W 39 (KO's 35) TF 40 - W pct 98% - KO pct 88% - wins over A. Cervantes and Arguello[2] - KO'ed by B. Young (Pryor was washed up) - #35 ranked fighter
Drugs probably hurt his career
He is not ranked in the 100 greatest punchers (quite strange)

Whitaker - W 40 (KO's 17) TF 46 - W pct 87% - KO pct 37% - wins over McGirt[2] Chavez and A.Nelson - KO'ed by Bojorquez ( while on drugs just like Pryor) - #10 ranked fighter
Some of his fights were boring because of his great defensive skills.

In a boring fight, Pryor takes a split decision.

Can De La Hoya beat Mayweather?

Now this would be about the most entertaining fights you could imagine with Whitaker such a slick and clever boxer vs a hard non stop punching Pryor I believe that early on Whitaker would make Pryor miss a lot of punches and would win the early rounds. Then I believe that about round 6 Pryor starts catching up to the very fast Whitaker and lands some very hard punches. In about the 10th round Pryor catches Whitaker with a devastating punch and knocks him out in a great fight!

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pre cocaine and crack whitaker?

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Pryor would certainly press Whitaker the whole fight, but "Sweet Pea" would probably pull off a close decision. I'm thinking it would go somewhat like Chavez-Whitaker since Chavez was pressing him through that fight also. The main difference is that Pryor has a bit more power--just not enough to get the win.

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Aaron Pryor would be too strong and he could catch up to Pernell

Who else here wanted maywether to get tko'd on his ***?

Damn, the Hawk versus Sweet P...I'll have to go with Aaron, before the drug usage kicked in. I still think back about the power he had against Alexis Arguello (sp?). Pryor by decision

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Pryor,Pernell didn't have the power to keep him away

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Aaron Pryor. He didn't get the respect that he deserved until fighting Arguello. He his swarming attack would be too much for Pernell.

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