Any1 with a 6pack ever been punched in the abs?

how did it feel, what happened I want to find out from people who actually have a visible 6 pack


What is a reasonable weight class to go down to for a 5'7 180 pound person?

my son answered this:

I do over 300 sit ups per day, box regularly and have abs like granite, however of course it still hurts, just not as much in solar plexus cos of top 2 abs protecting there. hit in the ribs hurts like hell no matter how good u'r abs r!

Who watched The Contender tonight?

getting hit is getting hit. as long as its not a puss who is hitting you then its gonna hurt a little no matter what. i suppose having a sixpack does help a little tho

Hey a fighter by the name of Jon Murphy fought tonight in extreme challenge 75, i was wondering if?

As you get stronger yes you can take a good hot to the gut if you are flexed, it may still be painful, but only to the skin, the muscle will not move and will protect your innards, which are essential to life. My friends find it amusing to hit my stomach from time to time, although it isn't always advisable, for one friend of mine, decided to hit as hard as he could, just to see if i could take it, although it almost knocked me down, he popped a finger out of a knuckle joint, and said it was my fault. This does not mean that anyone with a visible six pack can take a hit, i have conditioned my abs so there is a lot of muscle there, just being skinny and having your abs show does not qualify you for taking body shots.

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