1909 Jack Johnson vs 1971 Joe Frazier. Who wins?


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Johnson - W 93 (KO's 52) TF 127 - W pct 73% - KO pct 41% wins over T. Hart and Jim Jeffries - KO'ed by J. Williard ( he claims that he threw this fight because of his legal troubles with the govt)
Fought past 50 yrs old(ridiculous)

Frazier - W 32 (KO's 27) TF 37 - W pct 86% - KO pct 73% - wins over Bonavena, Quarry[2], Ali, Foster and Ellis{2} - KO'ed by Ali and Foreman[2] - #39 ranked puncher - #42 ranked fighter - 1964 Olympic Hwy wt

Johnson was good defensive fighter and he pre-dated the modern athlete with great speed (he was 10/20 yrs ahead of his time). He edges out a 15th rd majority decision over "Smokin' Joe"

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Mike Tyson. Jk. It difficult to decide because we don't have any footage of Jack Johnson so we will never know how good he really was. Therefore I would say Joe Frazier hands down. :)

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jack johnson was a butal and strong man, if they fought in 1909, johnson would have koed Frazier.he would have koed Frazier in 1971,he was a brutal puncher

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Jack Johnson,

I watched a bio on PBS about him and he was the toughest man to beat!

I think he would win!

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Smokin' Joe would put relentless pressure on Johnson KO round 14

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jack johnson, hands down - look was Foreman did to Frazier - Johnson went like 9000 rounds or some shitt like that - those guys from that era were true warriors

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by the way there is footage of jack johnson fighting in response to that one comment. its hard to say because of the eras but johnson was a lot more dominant in his era than smokin joe ever was in his. you gotta go jack

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