How much credit will Maskaev get if he beats Rahman again?

Question:Do you think he'll have many supporters? Or will this just serve to discredit Rahman?

... since I don't seem to hear people talking about Maskaev much.


Boxing gloves?

I don't think he'll get to much credit. This has to be the least talked about WBC heavyweight title fight ever. Thier last fight was a long time ago. I like Rahman, he seems to be a "good guy". I hope he wins and fights Klitschko soon. My prediction...Rahman TKO in 8, but it's a toss up.

Why don't they fix a time (seconds) to decide the knock out rather than relying on referee to count numbers?

Not much. most experts and writers don't think much of Rahman to begin with.

Were can i watch flyod maywether vs. delahoya for free (other than a bar)?

yes the russian men will win s againnnnn

Are there any real fight clubs ?

w0ah , ur in level 7
im never ever g0nna reach that p0siti0n ! ) :
he w0nt get much credit .
see ya && l0ves __ .
retr0 <3

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