American heavyweights?

Question:The Americans always think that they are better than everybody else, so can you explain why that in the poor condition the heavyweight scene is at the moment all they have to show for theirselves is a worthless WBO champion. The best you have to offer is James Toney who is a pumped up middleweight and gets beat every time he faces a half decent fighter. Britain has produced the best heavyweight in the last 10 years in Lennox Lewis, and when he retired the division died. Americans, you are not all you think that you are.
I could also mention Joe Calzaghe who also proved himself against the so called invincible Jeff Lacy at s/middleweight.


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At heavyweight there really are no class fighters presently, and such is my lethargy regarding it I cannot foresee anyone in the near future stepping up to the plate and take the honours.
Lewis was the best of HIS era and remember the first clash that was a draw, was a prime example of a fix, the worst of its kind since Leonard took the belt from Hagler in 86/87.
The era for heavyweights of genuine class was the 70s, although Liston, Marciano, Louis, Dempsey and prior, do make good cases for their periods.
The blame can allegedly be laid at one person's door - he of the haircut, but the sport itself must also shoulder some of the blame for allowing so much money with no effective disciplining of the sport along with it.
Still pound for pound the greatest of all heavyweights is Ali, and it will take some fighter to top him.

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Definitely it is LANNOX LEWIS

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I'm from the UK, (just to clear that up)

What about Floyd Mayweather, the American and best pound for pound fighter of the last 3 decades?

Joe Louis vs Jack Johnson. Who wins?

We are not bragging about our heavyweights at the present time. We will wait until after the Olympics to do that. Ask a question next time.

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I am american, and I think you guys have a great boxing program in Britain. I dont think lennox was as good as you say though. he hand picked his opponents at the times they were vulnerable and was exposed as weak chin. But I agree boxing is a world sport and you never know where the next big fighter is. Right now the heavyweight division is sad at any race. american, britain, russia, poland, no one out there any good.

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The heavyweight division died before Lewis took it over.That is why his reign was so easy. Heavyweight boxing sucks! Slow sluggish fatty's. DIDN"T OUR AMERICAN (FROM CLEVELAND) HASIM RAHMAN KNOCK LEWIS OUT?

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Lennox Lewis was so great that he got stopped cold by two average fighters - Oliver McCall and Hasim Rachman, and in 24 rounds couldn't decisively beat a way past his prime Evander Holyfield, the greatest heavyweight since Ali.

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You got so busy bragging that you forgot to ask a question.

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i admit american heavyweights are poor at the moment but even still they are still better than current brittish heavy weights etc fraudley harrison and danny williams lol


Fatty Arbuckle, Marlon Brando, Elvis..the list goes on man!

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I'm welsh and i think the Americans have the best record of the heavyweight boxing history followed by the welsh for all kinds of weights and the Irish you must be English cause you English seem to brag your boxers up as if they were better than Ali before they even turn professional take amir khan and fraudley Harrison for instance.
You claimed lennox lewis who lived in Canada is British just because he started to get any were in boxing and still wasn't any good when he retired you over rate all your fighters

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First of all Lennox Lewis who learnt his boxing in North America, represented them in Olympics, does not at all rate among the top heavies ever, nowhere near it, he got his glass jaw smashed twice by above average fighters even though he beat both fighters in a rematch, he beat a finished Mike Tyson, (Tyson was finshed after Tony Tubbs).
As for Joe Calzaghe, He beat Jeff Lacy, Who else did he beat, he had more defences than Hagler, can anyone name three of them honestly, he pulled out of more fights than i can remember any other fighter, Hatton for me is the man of the moment, Im irish in Ireland by the way

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you also have to remember that alot of men who would have gone into the fight game in the States are not cause of Football and Basketball schlorships in college then on to the pros for their respective sports It, Boxing is no longer a "way out" f the inner city like it once was for kids who did not grow up with a lot, black/wht/latin That is the real decline of Heavy weights in the States

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