After last nights fight does Holyfield have a legitimate shot at one of the "crowns"?


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I believe he has a chance at two of them but I don't think he could weather the storm of a match against the big heavyweights Klitchko or Valuev. Hollyfield was a small heavyweight to begin with and in his prime he could overcome the weight advantages of his opponents but I think that Wladimir and Valuev are just too big and skilled for him while he is in his mid forties. I could see him outworking a Shannon Briggs or even outpointing Oleg but I just don't think it is possible to beat a giant AND well skilled younger boxer at this level. Hollyfield is still better than average but as James Toney has shown with his match against him, he is a tier below the elite of the division even at the state it is in now. Thanks for the question.

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Brent ~

In my opinion, any of the Heavies out there have a chance to win a crown, heck even Tua. Minto's and Maddalones are actually being viewed as legitimate stepping stones. This whole era for the heavyweights need to just run their course and eventually there might be someone worthy of carrying the once most prestigious title in the World.

All the boxing buzz and all the fanfare is in the lighter weights where there's true talent with deserving Champions. Anything above Middleweight is a carnival act.

Chances are Holyfield can beat any of the "Champions" out there today, but lets not get all high and mighty on Evander. The piece of meat that "Rocky" was beating on in the meat locker had more of a pulse than Maddalone.

Thanks for the question Brad.

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NO he fought a nobody and until he foughts someone worth mentioning he should just stop talking. you can look awesome beating up a child but it doesn't mean you are awesome. brock and holyfield would have been a better fight.

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I know he was fighting basically a nobody, but when you look at him, he didn't look too bad. He showed movement, a good jab, and he had snap on his punches. But again, the competition for his comeback has been sub-par, so we really can't judge him too much until he fights someone of note, maybe like a Jameel McCline or someone in the top 15 or 20. If he looks impressive against someone of note, then we'll be able to judge better if he has a legit shot or not. But with the Heavyweight division being so weak, all Holyfield needs is one quality win and he's right there in the mix and probably would give any of the champions a decent fight.

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Not unless he actually steps up and starts taking on and beating contenders. Although never say never - he is actually ranked 13th with WBO. I wonder how much he had to pay for that preveilege.

At the moment, Evander is ranked 59th in the Heavyweight division by Boxrec.

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Holyfield is good... but he's past his fighting days. He might be able to train for a single fight and win but if he had to fight several times a year, no I don't think so.

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I think so. There are 4 of them out there, and Evander-based on all he's done during an illustrious career, sure deserves a shot at one of them. One last shot, why not?

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all the champs will knock him out except briggs..he has a chance against that big lazy bum,if they put the two together i would bet my last $20 on holyfield to win. briggs is a waste,he can do all the politics that he wants ut he is still a bum!!

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Has a goos shot and may even win/

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Yes, given the strength and skill level of the current title holders in the heavyweight division Holyfield would be a serious threat to all but Kiltschko. Evander, even the shell of Evander that some believe him to be, is as good or better than what currently is touted as talent in today's heavyweights.

Evander Holyfield has earned the respect of boxing and right to retire as he sees fit. It is his decision and no one else's, I have nothing but respect for him as a boxer and a man. My only wish is that he remain healthy and safe. When fans worry more for a fighters safety in the ring than they worry about the outcome of the fight, it is time to retire. But it is not our place to give advice to a 4 time heavyweight champion.

Boxing is not kind to old fighters, and guys like Hearns and Holyfield are not just old fighters, they are icons of the sport. Should Holyfield end up like Meldrick Taylor it would be a horrific tragedy. Should he get a shot at one of the lesser "titlists" and win it would be historic. The blogbaba is not worthy to offer an opinion any more indepth on the subject. I wish Evander only success and good health.

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BBQ Sauce

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He had a good fight and he looked like he was 20 i think he should get a shot.

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AIN'T no way.

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