Answer honestly: crazy, or wat?

Gotta be straight-im 16, 186 lbs, white, never truly boxed a round in my life with anyone decent, and i want to be the heavyweight champion of the world? Anyone think im crazy or wat?


Any one know BOxing Classes/lessons in crestview or around FT walton bch?

if that's your dream then go after it. lol who cares if it's crazy... if you really wanna do it then go for it.

Is it worth it?

It's good to have a dream. It's better to go after it with little fanfare. Showing up as the champion out of nowhere is way cool. Shouting that you're going to be the champ and not making it is something else entirely.

Good luck!

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good luck

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Everyone is crazy to a degree, if that's your dream, go for it.

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same as she said. Set your own dream dont let anyone else set one for you. It makes things even worst. trust me on that one.

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Your not crazy, just ambitious. join a gym, get into shape, spar with some actual fighters and then see if you are still as driven. Even if you are a talented fighter, you are still gonna get punched in the head about a thousand times between now and the day you hold up that belt. maybe you could be a florist instead?

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wht ever u thinks do it till it wont hurt any body.go this is ur dream.dont sleep till u become champ

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no you are not crazy---but if you really want to be a heavyweight champion of the world you better start training today !!!or you are just going to be another punch in bag for the other guys--another thing it take a lot of dedication and sacrifice but if you really want is yours to take .start working hard today and good luck is only a dream but tomorrow you could make it a reality depends how bad you want it..good luck again !

Is anyone as excited as i am for the mayweather and de la hoya fight? and who u guys think gonnas win?

yup ur crazy hun but go for your dream im behind ppl doing what truly makes them ahppy 100%

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You didn't say how tall you were or expect to be. Some of those heavyweights are huge. It's a good thing you're only 16, though. That gives you plenty of time to prepare yourself. Get DVDs of classic fights to study and find a good gym to help you get started. Make sure you learn good nutritional and exercise habits now, because if you don't you're really going to pay for it later. And be patient. I expect to turn on the tv and see you as the heavyweight champ in ten years (or whenever). Good luck!

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5'8, huh? Well, unless you're still growing enough, heavyweight will be too much for you. Most boxers start with the lightest weight possible for them and then move up only when they can't make weight anymore or are just ready for the challenge.

Definitely don't try to bulk up too quickly. At your age, it could mess up your metabolism for a good while.

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Anything is possible...

If that is your Dream By all means go for it...

Does anyone remember a boxer by the name of Michael Koranecki?

i think u should live ur dream no matter what

Wouldn't it have been even MORE insulting if Mayweather.?

Bulk up a little but not too much as you are going to grow and start training on the speed and heavy bags, shadow boxing, roadwork and sparring. Get someone to train you and if you have the heart and desire why can't you be a Heavyweight champ. You got to believe in yourself and never let anyone tell you that you can't!

Weightlifting for boxing ?

cmon no1 is stoppin u. if its wat u wanna do, do it. do u have the best chance - no, but thers always room for improvement. ur 16 & thats a good age to start. go 4 it!

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First, you are lite for a heavy weight. You fall into "Cruiser" weight class. You need to weigh +200 in order to fall into Heavy weight class. Second, you must be looking to get hurt or something with out any real experience. There are a lot of mean fighters out there hungry to bash in your head. Especially at that weight class. I'm not saying it can't be done but just prepare yourself for what's to come.


try middleweight first, then as you get older and your body fills out, go for heavyweight.

you're not crazy, Just Do It!

Good luck to you.

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Start paying the dues. Get to work. Get some amateur bouts in now. You're already late, so you've got extra homework to do.

You should be trying out for the Olympic Team at your age. You'd better get busy.

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at 5'8" you are not likely to be a heavyweight. the lightest u can be for hevyweight is 200 lbs. if u grow to about 6'2" then we could talk. if u start getting in shape then u might be able to fight as a super middleweight or light heavyweight but anyone can dream.But if u did become a heavyweight u could definately be a champon now cause there are more belts than there are people in China. Also have you looked at the current state of the heavyweight division? If i put on 10 lbs of fat and got in the ring, i could win the championship right now! But then again i was a heavyweight ameteur boxer about 10 years ago.

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Start training and GO FOR IT ...follow your dreams!

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