30th October 1974 - What if the Rumble in the Jungle took place in NYC or LV instead of Kinshasa, Zaire ?

What do you think the result of this great fight would of been if it took place in the Garden or Ceasers Palace, I think it would of been different away from the Heat, the Humidity and the Hostile crowd but im interested to see what everyone else thinks ?


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Frank, the same result plus or minus 2 rounds. I think of it this way Ali would be stronger with less heat and humidity. Another point the canvas got soft because they laid it in the afternoon heat. If fighting in Vegas or NYC does Ali benefit from a faster track? (might have never seen the rope a dope)Remember he was in top condition for that fight. Wanted that title back real bad.

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He would have still done the rope a dope and knocked George out. Ali was the greatest fighter of all tiiiiiiimme! But I could probably kick his butt. At least now I could.


Who else here thinks that Ali is overrated??

When I watch the tape, I continue to marvel at how big Ali was. He didn't give up much height/weight to George at all.

You sound like a Foreman fan... I just don't think George trained that well, evidenced by his horrible performances after 8 rounds.

No matter where they fought, the crowd would be for Ali. George's psyche would be damaged no matter where. Style makes the fight, and I think Ali wins 8 out of 10 times, anywhere.

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same result, as far as foreman not being in top shape don`t worry he was but he used so much energy to score a ko that he lacked stamina and never figured he needed to pace himself and that proved his downfall, the second phase of his career in his 40`s he was a much more relaxed and patient fighter if he applied that style in his fight with ali he might have had a shot at a late ko as ali was also wearing out in that african heat but as big a foreman fan as i was i think ali still would have won.


If only we knew then what we know now! Most referees would not allow "rope a dope" today to the extent it was used during Ali's reign. With the rope a dope, Ali never appeared hurt inthe short term, but boy did it kick his butt in the long term. Ali extended his career with this tactic, didn't he? If one takes the position that the referee would call the fight today (for rope a dope), or at least give a standing 8, then Foreman would have a better chance. Boxing has really softened, and Ali's style may not work in our safety conscience society.

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I think the same result would of happend.. Ali never really got hit with a clean foreman shot...he timed them all out .It was easy for him to see them comin because big george for the most part threw super wide round house punches

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