Is this Contender UK Vs USA thing a waste of time, or is it a good idea ?

Ive seen some of the match ups and they dont really catch the imagination for me, if they were going to put some real prospects in against each other i would of made the effort to go and see it, i mean Robin Reid must be nearly 40 and Alfonso Gomez against Martin Concepcion is a complete mismatch. I think the idea is quite good in principle it is just the way they have put it together that has let them down. Your thoughts please.


Alexis Arguello vs. Carlos Ortiz who wins?

Frank D - I'm a huge boxing fan but I must admit. I've seen maybe 3 episodes of season two's Contender but that's about it. Most of the guys on hear are fringe fighters at best, therefore it really doesn't interest me.

In a boxing ring match/fight is the pain from a hit or getting tired make u lose the fight,more?

Haven't heard of it. Not to be stereotypical, but I don't think British guys would fair too well against American boxers.

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