After viewing this vid, do you think Taylor is scared of Pavlik?


Gotta love Larry Merchant


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I don't think you are honest when you are a boxer and you don't have a little fear of your opponent. I honestly don't believe you can say I respect him without that translating to a little fear. If in a fight you show respect to the fighter it is for fear of getting knocked out!

That being said. Taylor isn't scared of the fight. If it happens it will be a PPV fight and one that I would probably pay for. Do not discredit Taylor for an ugly fight against Spinks. Spinks made the fight ugly running and dodging.

Taylor is not the most exciting boxer, but he can be exciting if the opponent lets it get that way. Pavlik will make it that way. And then I believe everybody will give Taylor his props. I am not saying Taylor will win, but he will surprise a lot of boxing fans!

i hope this fight happens.

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I think Taylor will fight Merchant before he fights Pavlik. Merchant survives a late headbutt/knockdown to score a split decsion. But seriously by the looks of saturdays fights Pavlik would smoke Taylor..If Taylor would fight him. When asked over and over by Merchant about fighting Pavlik all Taylor kept saying was ''Whoever gives me the most money''. Yeah thats what us true die hard boxing fans want to hear, the middleweight champ dodging questions. I know fighting is about the bucks now but to get the money u fight the best.

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Not scared, but definately more respectful.

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Lets just say he has a healthy concern, but give Mr. Taylor his due. He won the title from no less than Bernard Hopkins, defended it against Hopkins, and fought Winky Wright to a draw. If he has to fight Pavlik, I don't think hes gonna run and hide, that's not his style.

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*Sigh*, here we go again, people assuming because some guy knocked out another guy, which by the way, never moved his head and stood there playing the bodybag, that he'll take out the champ. Which by the way, uses the ring well, is quicker, taller than Miranda, has a powerful punch and by the way fought Hopkins back to back. How many fighters do you know that would fight somebody like Hopkins, by the way, who defended his title for like 10 years, back to back and not take an easier fight. Then Jermaine Taylor had the nerve to fight Winky Wright after the Hopkins bout. Yeah, he's scared...yup...PLEEZ. That was a good joke, glad to see we have comedians in this forum. He gave Pavlik props, he was a man about it, that is all. Don't mistake having respect for being scared of someone. It would be dumb to not respect Pavliks punches, which is what Zertuche and Miranda did and look what it got them. JT ain't either one, he's a champ, and a damn good one at that, say what you want...whos got the belt? closed. You can hate Taylor all you want, can't nobody challenge the fact that he's got the belt. And i don't care if his wins were close or ugly, hell, there hasn't been one champ who hasn't had a few bad fights. Ask yourself the question...who is the current middleweight champ? I'll answer that...JERMAINE TAYLOR!! I rest my case your honor.

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I agree with blogbaba not scared but he surely respects him now that he has taken out maranda. Maranda could not even focus on Pavlik because he felt he should have been fighting Taylor. but he still is not going to fight Pavlik just yet he wants a big payday

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I don't know if he's afraid as much as he is cautious. i think he knows pavlik has power and maybe he feels he reign as champ my come to an end.

I wouldnt know who to pick if they fought. it would be a hard call however, it would come down to this:

1. Will Kelly Pavlik be able to cut off the ring, get inside on taylor and use his power to knock out taylor?


2. Will Taylor be able to use his jab, box, stay on the outside and counterpunch. Decisively use his boxing abilities to wear down pavlik for some sort of decision win

thats what it will come down to. whoever is the smarter fighter that night.

like i said when i answered another question; if taylor believes he can stay inside and trade shots with pavlik at close range he will lose. if he can stay outside and use his boxing ablities and counterpunch he can win...but i believe it will be a decision win if he does stay on the outside. i dont see pavlik getting KO'd.

thats my opinion.

and by the way. i bet $100 to anyone who thinks this will turn out different. the way im saying it is the way it will end up; taylor on the outside and uses boxing abilites for a decision win or pavlik gets inside and gives a home-run punch and Ko's taylor.

thats how its going to be.

should be exciting.

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I dont think Taylor is scared. I think he is more worried about a couple of bucks, but not scared. Pavlik and Taylors promoters were seen together after the Taylor fight supposedly discussing a future bout. It makes sense for these two guys to fight. I havent seen a whole lot of taylor, but I grew up in the "ghost" neighborhood and know he is old school. Defend Youngstown!

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Dude, why would Taylor be scared? He's fought two of the best fighters of this era in Winky and Hopkins, and he beat Pavlik as an amateur. He gave Pavlik his props on a good win, and he obviously has respect for the man, but scared? No way Jose! Taylor proved that he was the real deal when after 2 tough fights with a legend like Hopkins, he comes right back and fights a guy like Winky that no one else wanted to fight. Hell, even Hopkins didn't want to fight Winky when he was middleweight champ! Whether you think Taylor beat Winky or not is beside the point, the point is, he stepped up and took the challenge when he could've avoided him. I think he will fight Pavlik and i think he'll beat Pavlik in a helluva fight sometime this fall!

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