Any woman tried boxing to get in shape?


What was worst for Mike Tyson?

Better than boxing is to learn a martial art, like tai kwon do or hapkido... not only will you get into shape REAL fast but you will also learn how to protect yourself if your new sexy body attracts the wrong kind of luck with it all.

Wladimir Klitscho vs. Lamon Brewster?

I know someone who does and she is super fit and firm. She has lots of energy. The workout is hard at first.

Is Joe Calzaghe the greatest British Boxer of all time?

cardio is great!

Does anybody know if Ivan "Choko" Hernandez exists in boxing?

kickboxing will make you solid as a rock

Can Mike Tyson sink any lower?

yeah,I've tried boxing to get in shape it was really fun and it was good excersize. If you have anymore questions you can email me at

Shavers vs Liston ?

i don't box... but i do have a heavy sucks at first then you get use to it...i work out muscles i didn't think existed!!!

I have a pair of Rocky Marciano gloves.?

i kickbox. i'm only ten and have been kickboxing since i was two years old.

Omg!!!1 who is going to win oscar or floyd?//?

yes women con try but don't take serious

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