Ali or rocky ?


Should manny pacquiao be declared as the modern jose rizal/ new national hero of the Phil. or not? why?

If you mean Rocky marciano and ali, Rocky win's no contest, KO, TOO

How can I teach myself kickboxing?

ALI, of course! He was the GREATEST!

De La Hoya & Mayweather "media tour"?

don't know. they never meet each other.

Pacquiao or Morales?!?


it was said that he can beat you without lifting a finger.
This guy, they say, d0es a pretty good job messing with your head while you are on the ring. He talks one minute and before you know it, kapow!

Once Pretty Boy Floyd losses the fight do u think he will patch things up with his father?

Ali beats Rocky (Just like in real life, see Wepner vs. Ali) but I'd root for Rocky. Just as in real life, Ali comes out cocky and Rocky would get a knock down in the fifth round or so, Wepner got it in I think the 9th round. Rocky would go the distance in a twelve round bout, but would get KO'd in 14 if it went 15 rounds. I would score the bout in a twelve rounder: 117-110 with the knockdown.

How days before a fight do you rest?

Ali because he would have never lost in the first Rocky film

I asked a question to Yahoo Boxing and they won't post it?

Are any of you serious? If you're talking about Rocky Marciano, there's room for discussion, but Ali wins. If you're talking about Ali versus a fictional character, we may as well be discussing the WWF. I mean, c'mon, Bugs Bunny would run circles around Ali, really. So would McGyver. Don't forget Superman. Or Shane. Or, my favorite, Mary Poppins.

Do you think rocky might win ??

um Ali. If you watch the movies, they barely ever block a punch or guard. If Rocky fought like that against 'any' of the heavyweights, his neck would've snapped after a couple hooks.

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