A question in reference to Miguel Cotto the future WBA?

welterweight champion. Cotto is fighting Quintana for the vacant WBA welterweight title. I've heard some smack talking about Cotto whom I think is a fine young fighter with a promising future. If Cotto was willing to drop back down to jr. welter how would he fare against a sheltered Ricky Hatton( I hope Ricky isn't bringing his personal referee Vans and the handpicked English judges to Vegas when he fights Urango) and an extremely respected and tough fighter Jose Luis Castillo? I happen to think Cotto could be one of the better fighters in the jr. welter and welter divisions for years to come. Let's hear some well thought out answers and a little smack talking because I'm ready.


Speed and power?

Cotto reminds me a lot of his countryman Tito Trinidad, who like Cotto, is a fine offensive fighter but is lacking defense and gets hit way to much. Cotto has power and power can always bail you out of a tough situation, but his chin is very questionable as he was hurt severely against Corley and Torres. But the man showed a lot of heart in coming back from what looked like sure defeats to win both fights so something has to be said for that. Hatton is a good fighter but i'm not entirely sold on him yet. I think Cotto is the harder puncher of the two and Hatton has an in your chest, pressure style and he would likely trade with Cotto and produce some fireworks. I see a back and fourth battle with both fighters possibly hitting the deck but Cotto landing the harder, more telling blows and stopping Hatton late in the fight.

My hair is thin. Does ae really elp?

Cotto is not tough enough for Hatton at 140. Cotto was dropped by dress wearing Corley. He was nerly finished by Torres. Cotto has a weak chin he doesn't want to go to battle with Hatton. It is a war he can't win.

In fact I don't think Cotto beat Quintana

Dosent oscar de la hoya own a gym in LA? If you know please tell me the name!!?

lol...cotto is a creation of bob arum, who only wants puerto rican ppv buys. its so obvious. lets see cotto vs. margarito...because he will start crying just like cintron.

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Brent ~
In my opinion, Miguel is one of the bright spots on boxing's dark horizon. He conducts himself in a professional manner inside and outside of the ring, he never bad mouths any fighter even when he's been attacked (verbally) and when the other fighter wants to act like a clown in the ring, he just goes about things as business as usual.

There's one major problem with Miguel dropping back down in weight, he can't. It's very similar to Morales having to kill himself to make the 130 pound limit. Miguel is so dehydrated and fatigued from cutting the weight he had no choice but to move up in weight. Right now at this stage in his career it's impossible for him to get back down to Jr. Welterweight.

Ricky is still four to five fights away from fighting anyone of Cotto's caliber and even then I don't see Ricky beating anyone who doesn't stay directly in front of him or stays off the ropes.

I honestly don't see Castillo staying around to long at Jr. Welterweight either, he likes his tamales way too much look for him to balloon all they way up to Jr. Middleweight, his discipline is gone and it's not coming back.

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I think you know pretty much what i am going to say here, as you know how biased i am in my opinions where Hatton is concerned , i think as soon as Cotto comes up against somebody who can punch and wont let him go once he has got on top he will lose, how he walked away from the Demarcus corley and Ricardo Torres fights with victory's was unbelievable if Ricky gets on top like both of those two did i would guarantee that he would finish him off, and i would guarantee that Hatton hits harder than both of those two guys as well, especially at Light-Welter. I don't want to sound like i am disrespecting Cotto i think he is one helluva fighter, he is superb to watch, and you cant question his heart, he also has the edge in his technical boxing ability over Hatton but i just think he sticks his chin out too much and that Hatton would expose this fact.
Cant wait to see what everyone else has to say about this response.

Brent - The only person ever to knock Hatton down was a tough Irish son of a ** southpaw called Eamon Macgee who aint no dress-wearer, and even that was a flash knock down in the first round he was just caught cold, he got straight back up and wasnt staggering around the ring as Cotto was in both of the fights mentioned. Macgee isnt the greatest fighter to grace the Welter-weight division but believe me that guy is tough, look out for a an upcoming battle between him and Kevin Anderson, it will be a great fight, not sure if you would have to download it though because i will doubt it will be shown over there.

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