Almost great fighters?

Can you name some fighters that were right on the cusp of greatness but never quite got there? Any division, any era.


Who would you rather see fight Mayweather, Oscar or Shane?

Donald Curry. Mark Breland. MIKE TYSON.

Why did Mayweather come out in a sombrero tonight?

Jerry Quarry didn't get it because of the great competition he fought. Oscar Bonavena didn't get it because he partied too much and ultimately it lead to his death.

Jermain Taylor vs. Jeff Lacy at Super Middleweight. Who wins this fight?

Amen Brad!

How should you workout to fight a girl?

Pancho ~

Tony Ayala. Could've, would've, should've. He was his own worst enemy.

Why was boxing so popular in the 20th century? And how did it become so popular?

Tony Ayala Jr comes to mind along with Charley Burley. Jerry Quarry was really good but fought in the era of Ali and Frazier. Billy Graham was a great fighter that never won a championship and many feel he was robbed vs Gavilan. Yaqui Lopez comes to mind as a fine fighter that unfortuanately couldn't beat the tough Saad Muhammad when they fought. Good question sir as you really had me thinking about this one.

What is ther difference?

barera was almost great but he lose fight with marquez. and lehlo ledwaba loses to pacquiao. i think both would of been hall of fame in thefuture. they ruin it.

I have know idea?


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