Amier Khan Fight last night?

Question:Anyone else think he's getting " Set-up " fights..?
Iv meet Frank Warren ( i was calling for payment on his rented Rolls )... The bloke is no more than a con man that made it big through back handers. He would think nothing about fixing fights.


Do every one agree that rocky marciano is to over rated he was good but not great?

I wouldn't take too much notice of the guy,his recent exploits outside the ring suggest he is heading down the Prince Naseem road.

Manny pacquaio-oscar larios?

no he ain't but they are just picking his fighters for him that they no he will beat, their trying to sell him to the yank TV stations so they can make more money.

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Amir Khan won last night against Colin Bain. Colin Bain had a decent fight record but seemed to be in awe of Amir Khan. As being a fix, it is just ludicrous. Khan needs experience, you can go and fight champions after being an amateur. Think Khan will get about six-seven fights, possibly two in US before coming back for a British title. It will be another three years before he fights for a proper world title.

My message to Mike Tyson?

crap what has he dune he won a medal so did orderly Harrison see him fight class fighters and do 12 rounds it all fixed

Edison Miranda/Kelly Pavlik?

Would you prefer he went in with a world champion now?
He has got to learn, and the best way is to start at the bottom and work up building both his expeience and stamina for the longer and harder fights to come

Sylvester Stallone and Kronk Boxing legend Emmanuel Stewart, are they a Miss-match?

Everyone knows Warrens a prize wanker (thats why one of his former fighters alledgedly tried to shoot him) but he isnt fixing khans fights. All new professionals have some easy learning fights but usually theres no demand from the public to see them. Expect Khan to step up in class in the next few fights but don't be expecting a world title shot in the near future based on Satudays performance the kid just aint ready yet

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