Am i not the greatest knockout artist who ever lived?

I am going to run for president after i win this next fight.


Where have all traditional boxing answers gone?

You were probably the most fun to watch. As soon as you hit someone solid the first time they new they were doomed, at least early in your career then you went insane. Biting people ears off, raping women and tatooing your face is not something an normal person does.

Who do you think was the best heavyweight boxer of all time?

no your nothing and a sham of a human being. fyi men hate you back

Arum vs. de La Hoya who is the better fight promoter? Can they just box?

youngest man to hold the heavyweight title, hells ya ! up untill your trainer died, if this was Rocky 3 appolo would help you !

"Dream Bouts" Riddick Bowe vs "Razor" Ruddock - Hwy wt 15 rds, Who wins?

In all seriousness, an empty seat in the White House would serve the American people better than George W. Bush has. If it came down to you and W, the blogbaba would have to vote for the unknown quality before more of Bush.

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