Any recent update on boxing fite?is it almost over??


Amir khan?

Could Floyd Mayweather make it in the UFC?

after 6 rounds:
DeLaHoya 10-9
DeLaHoya 10-9
Mayweather 10-9
" " 10-9
" "
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Did you hear about the gay boxer!??

Round Seven: De la Hoya steps it up again, trapping Mayweather in the corner with a solid combination, but Mayweather is landing with the crisper punches. However, De la Hoya finishes with an eye-catching rally, and that may have nicked the round.
BBC score: Oscar 10-9 Floyd

Who would like having fighters use smaller gloves? watch it and see :)

How is muhamad ali's health these days? can hardly believe he would live this long from his brain damage.?

after 9 rounds : 86 - 85 Mayweather

Who would win in a fight between Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali?

thanks poetic. i hope that u win best answer. i watched and heard the fight on the link that u gave me. good job.

Who agrees with me that Ricky Hatton.?


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