3 time boxing champ Hector Camacho is going to jail for a BnE of a computer store?

Not the most postive of stories for the "Macho man" any news on Hector's latest run in with the law?


De la hoya v mayweather?

You know blogbaba it is sad that most boxers after there career's are over have bad retirements. Examples: Whitaker in and out of jail for drugs, Tyson in and out of jail his whole career, and now Camacho getting 7yrs for breaking into the computer store to steal his own computer that was getting repaired. You know after seeing past boxers make mistakes I just hope up and coming boxers and myself as a boxer do not and will not make the same mistakes. As of that note I would like to quote my grandfather as he would tell me about learning from mistakes: A hard head makes a soft *SS! That is true!

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