Any fighting tips?

I'm going for a fight with about 50 of my mates(about 50 on 50)and i was wondering if you can give me some fighting tips.


Does anyone know of any amateur boxing / martial arts events coming up in Scotland?

Yeah, * boxing! Tackle 'em, put 'em on the ground, get on top, and smash the * out of their head. Everyone is comfortable standing up and fighting, but who the hell knows what to do on the ground?! Also, since it's 50 on 50, stay back and out of sight until everyone else starts going at it, then jump in and double team someone who's getting beatin up. After taking him out, you and the person you just helped should move on to someone who is getting beaten up. Once this chain has been started, the opposing force has no chance at all. But don't take a Marine's word for it...

Who was the greatest boxer during 1996?

Stick and move.

Boxing gyms for children?

yea want's you hit keep hitting dont stop till that dude says i quit and dont get hit first

Does boxing hurt, does it hurt to take hits with gloves on?


Are boxers anywhere near as strong as a weightlifter/bodybuilder?

keep one arm up and also keep an eye on evry1 around you they may be dogs and gang up on 1 of you

For what reason would someone lead with a straight right to the body?

if you're serious, then take a weapon. you want something that'll hurt, but not kill. something that'll take a guy out of a fight.

my choice: a piece of steel chain, heavy gauge, at least 2 feet long, 3 is better. or, a small piece of chain with a padlock on the end.

In boxing, why don't they show the judges' scores after each round? Collusion & Corruption?

jab jab jab and footwork use your assets upper cut hook whatevery you do best.

Who do you think are the five greatest boxers of all time pound for pound?

Avoid getting hit, good luck.

The De La Hoya of 99-00 vs the Mayweather of today, who wins?

RUN !!!

Who are better mexican or black fighters..?

Run first... don't engage as much as possible. By the time you engage... everyone is tired or out-cold then do your stuff!

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