Amateur Boxing-a few things i need to know (Read detail's pls)?

Question:Sparing -have you got any tips for me when im in the ring?
defense-Coach has taught me where to put my hands but not blocking or parrying? how do i do this? :P
Fitness-how can i improve my endurense and Build on my muscels i also need Vitamins


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It's hard to tell what works for you without knowing whether you're tall, medium, or shorter than average. If you're shorter than your opponent, you'll have to get inside and force your opponent back. It's harder for him (or her to fight going backwards). If you're the taller one, you want to keep you opponent at the end of your punches. Do it with hard jabs. Try to get him going backwards.

Blocking: There are different kinds of blocking. You can 'touch' the punches with whatever hand is on the side of the punch. You can catch body punches with your elbows and forearms. Of course, you can slip and you can move away (side to side) also. There's a strong arm block you can use for big punchers, too. Whatever kind of blocks you use, you shouldn't do the same one more than twice. You might try catching a punch or two, then weaving or slipping the next one, step to the side and fire back with a counterpunch. Don't be predictable.

Fitness/Endurance: That's all about work, work, and more work, I'm afraid. Jump rope, run, sprint, shadowbox in the ring for umpteen rounds...and then do a little more. You better find some music you like a lot 'cause you got plenty of time to listen to it.

Build muscle? Do your workouts and your muscles will take care of themselves. Boxing muscles are long and lean and strong. If they don't develop, it's for one of two reasons:

1) You're eating junk food. You need lots more protein than you think, and a variety of other nutritious foods.

2) You're not doing your rounds or you're taking it easy on the heavy bag.

Hope this helps. Peace out. Good luck.

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Protein, protein and more protein..protein builds muscle.. In boxing you want to take a direct approach to your target.. pick a spot to hit.. follow your eyes.. a great move against both amateurs and pros is the lowering of your left hand so that it looks as an inviting opening for a punch.. square up to the opponent and lower your left.. but always keep your eyes on his right hand.. the second he moves to throw his under and target his right rib cage.. hook him with a hard left into the rib cage and then slide to your left and hook him with your right into the solarplexis.. then with your left hook him to his head.. usually you can knock the opponent down with this this three shot manuver.. you have to be quick on all three punches.. just be sure that you are under his right hand punch.. it most likely will be a straight extended punch so it is easy to duck under.. when you duck.. he will comming toward you so you want to land the first hook fast and furious.. try to drive your fist through him.. the second one will deflate his air.. try throwing the third as an overhead hook.. you can do it from a bent over position..if you hear him grunt from the solarplexis shot then step back and raise up.. most likely his right arm will be down as a reflex action to the left hook.. if it is you can nail him with a big left hook to the side of his jaw..practice it.. one two three.. it is a devastating combination.. but remember.. you don't do anything until he falls for the bait and starts to throw his right.. it make take a time or two for him to fall for it.. you see what makes this work is that you are the only one who knows what you are are purposely setting up the fake.. so take some time with it and learn it.. try it while sparing.. lower your left far enough to create the opening and fool the other guy into thinking you have carelessly dropped your guard.. when he takes the bait.. bend down a bit at the waist and bend the knees enough so that you are below his shot.. do not give it away by letting him see your eyes drop to his rib cage.. keep your eyes on his.. and set it up.. when he makes the forward movement to step into his right hand punch.. then you make your move.. set your eyes on the rib cage and be quick and hard.. boom, boom, boom.. left right'll drop him like a lead balloon.. good luck..

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I know that you genuinely want to get good solid tips in this forum, and that is good. I will tell you this: Listen to your trainer and your trainer ONLY. If he has not taught you how to parry or block punches it is not because he will not teach you. He most likely has a plan for you, when it comes to conditioning and teaching you the the basic and finer points of boxing. Remember you learn to fight in stages, it takes time. There is a learning curve. If you feel that he is dragging his feet in teaching you these techniques then ask why he hasn't taught you how to block and parry yet. He will most likely have a very good reason. There are other things you may need to learn first. Keep training and keep learning. Thanks for the question partner.

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Remember sparring isn't a real fight so no need to go in for the kill, if you've injured your sparring partner or winded him step back. Your trainer will be watching anyway.
Sparring can be different, it can be soft/semi-contact or full contact.
Defense- Blocking is simply holding your gloves against your forehead keeping your elbows in. You should be able to watch through your gloves (between your arms) what your oppenents moves are so you can counter-attack or move your glove to the side to block a hook.
Fitness- I take 2 multivitamins a day, and eat plenty of protein (for muscle repair) and carbs (for energy). Although, I'm eating a lot of carbs such as breads and pasta because I'm trying to put on 2 kilo's. I weight 50.5 but would like to weigh at least 53kg.

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endurance, i suggest jump rope, and a lot of bag work and sparring, parrying,(if right handed) use your right hand and give a small (very small, like scratching your nose) swat at the fist (works best for straights and jabs)

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