Anybody else think that Punch Stats are often just as wrong as scoring?

Alot of times it seems that we just assume punch stats are accurate but really after Oscar vs. Mayweather I have to say that I think the system is flawed. It is not the first time I've noticed it but it maybe one of the most obvious. In watching some of the rounds again the punch stats were giving Floyd credit for punches that were not landing. I don't know who controls the punch stats but they need to revise them or have more than one person tabulating. Am I the only one who things the punch stats were innacurate?


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Punch stats are not accurate I am a boxing coach and I know for a fact that they are flawed. If a person does not know anything about boxing they can tell you who got there *** whooped ulike the judge who gave the fight to Oscar. They should take the punch stat out of boxing because all it does is confuse the public. What boxing needs is people who will be fair in the scoring of a fight. One more thing when a black fighter and any other race of fighter when the round is close the round always goes tothe other race

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No that is down to a science. De La Hoya did not get the decision. It is not like it was a big controversy to it the guy out punched De La Hoya. Now the rematch will happen if they feel like they want to take home all of those millions again. So it turned out best for both fighters because another big pay day is coming. Shane Moseley will screw that all up because he has or can beat both fighters.


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I agree. PunchStats are pretty accurate. Oscar lost. Floyd won and it wasnt as close as some people want to believe. Reminds me of when Sugar Ray Leonard whipped Marvin Hagler and all these people saying he got robbed. PLEASE. Sugar did the same thing Floyd did and that is win with defense, speed and timing. You dont score punches just for being stronger and throwing punches. You have to connect and score clean shots, ring generalship etc. Get over it.

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Punch stats solely should never decide the outcome of a fight. That's why Olympic style scoring is the most flawed way to decide fights.

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Brent gets a thumbs up from the blogbaba, Punch Stats are a tool to justify bad decisions and should play even less a roll in judging that even Brent acknowledged. As to the accuracy of punch stats vs scoring, both are questionable.

I have to correct my brother pedritorodd clean shots landed do count, but agression and activity cannot be ignored. Floyd won without risk, with defense and counter punching, but there are glaring differences between Mayweather and Leonard. Ray Leonard pitty patted his way to a Hagler decision and a "No Mas" victory over Duran, but at least Ray would throw a combination, then run. They went into the books as wins for Ray, but Ray never "whipped" either one. Ray did sac up and KO Hearns after being outboxed, so I can forgive Ray.

I personally believe the old school idea of "beating a champion to take his title" over current opinion that "surviving against a champion" is enough to have the judges give you the title is the correct method of scoring a fight. My beliefs do not overrule boxing judges decisions, and there will always be controversy when you have two fighters and only one winner.

Floyd would pot shot Oscar with one quick counter after Oscar pressed the action, then make Oscar miss again because he simply didn't try and throw a second punch half the time. All the trash talking Floyd did to leed up to the fight never materialized into an actual fight. Oscar tired to press the fight and Floyd chose not to oblige. In the end Floyd won and had the speed to avoid confrontation, which he did for the most part. I had the fight 4-4 even after eight rounds, and then Oscar stopped jabbing and Floyd ran away with the last of it to win it. At best it was a mediocre championship boxing match, and I kept hoping a fight would break out, but Floyd chose to win instead of fight. Like it or not it happens that way sometimes.

The punch stats seems to fail to register a lot of DeLa Hoya's early body work, I don't know if the shots were blocked from view or what but I agree it appeared DeLa Hoya landed more than he was credited for.

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